26 November 2014

grateful living

joy matters most = from my new card line Pearl Button's World

nest in love = from my new card line Pearl Button's World

my muse, best friend, daughter with paws = Pearl Button
Knowing that living with a grateful spirit. I am moved daily to be thankful for tiny moments. It is not always easy (yes, I practice daily) this lifestyle. So many pieces of life are really super hard and full of fear. I know this with my whole being.

I believe that by practicing daily the art of living gratefully I become more centered and a better me.

I am forever grateful for my life. I am loved, able to create for my living, in a marriage that is fun and good for me, parents who adore me, clients who really like me as a person and a designer. My list is long and for that I feel very lucky.

Today and everyday I am just feeling like the luckiest girl in the world to wake up each new day.

Fill your today up with joy (find it) practice finding it. I promise it works.


18 November 2014

Pearl Button's Holiday Happiness Line of Cards = People are gushing!!!

our world believe all things are possible.

Pearl Button's Holiday Happiness Cards line of 6 designs is ready and gushing to bring cheer to all
this holiday season. I created six cards that are all about love, sharing, being the source of happy for others.
Lots of time was spent getting samples printed and making sure I loved the paper quality and brightness of all my colors. Yes, I have that now. All is good and so far the folks who have purchased are most delighted with them. For this I am grateful.
I have always loved cards and mailing letters the old fashioned way. I know that it will forever be part of who I am. I know the joy that comes with going to the mail box and having a little treat inside that someone took the time to send - just for you.
Kindness matters. Love matters. Giving from our true self matters. Leaving a moment in time better then we can ever imagine matters.

This card line is one of my dreams it too matters. I know that when others receive these they will smile and feel joy. I am striving daily to make this happen in a big way.


12 November 2014

living life, being an artist, graphic designer + lover of life

always a journey to celebrate me = all of me daily

my nature is really to be silly, goofy and fun

lucky to be featured with Stampington Art of Journaling - and have the cover wow.
Tonight I am thinking about what it means to live your entire life as an artist, designer. I have been living this art filled life since I was very little (5 years old) I can still remember the joy in getting a new box of crayons and paper, coloring books. I escape into my own world. I feel very lucky to know my path. There is no searching for me about what is my passion, what makes me tick. I have such very big dreams. I keep marching to them. I get to the top of the mountains, really tall big mountains and I feel proud.

My biggest dream that I have yet to say out loud (on my blog) socially is that I want to be found in a big way. My soul has a calling to be known for spreading joy and happy living. I need this in my world. I create, create, create and send it into the world. I am going to go after the big dream of licensing my art. I have so many ideas, styles, layers to my art I could create a zillion lines. I just need to be seen. Being seen is all apart of really loving and celebrating yourself.

Today is the day to start celebrating myself as much as I celebrate others. Moving this next mountain. Building packages, making calls, praying and setting this intention. Today I will create a new alter around this intention. I feel good just saying this out loud.

Thanks for being part of my life = to all of you who are so good to me. Dream Big then Dream Bigger!!

07 November 2014

Celebrating Pearl Button's World of Holiday Happiness = 6 happy cards

Some celebrations are bigger then others. This one folks is big for me. Pearl Button our little 11 pound JRT and I have designed 6 holiday happy cards. I have been realizing lots of dreams this year and having cards designed (really loving them) and printed and for sale is a biggie.

I have found that I go back to what I love the very most. Painting, drawing, graphic design. Taking all of these loves and combining has brought me joy when creating this line. Lots of layers, hand illustrated type. Happy words floating around = its a very good moment in my life.

I have over 30 everyday cards that will be ready to go as well. 

Knowing that my path has been moving mountains lately. Knowing that I can move them and stay steady on my path. Knowing how grateful my heart is for the ability to create.

I am lucky. I am loved. I am absolutely following my gut on this path. 

They are for sale in my etsy shop = link below.