26 November 2014

grateful living

joy matters most = from my new card line Pearl Button's World

nest in love = from my new card line Pearl Button's World

my muse, best friend, daughter with paws = Pearl Button
Knowing that living with a grateful spirit. I am moved daily to be thankful for tiny moments. It is not always easy (yes, I practice daily) this lifestyle. So many pieces of life are really super hard and full of fear. I know this with my whole being.

I believe that by practicing daily the art of living gratefully I become more centered and a better me.

I am forever grateful for my life. I am loved, able to create for my living, in a marriage that is fun and good for me, parents who adore me, clients who really like me as a person and a designer. My list is long and for that I feel very lucky.

Today and everyday I am just feeling like the luckiest girl in the world to wake up each new day.

Fill your today up with joy (find it) practice finding it. I promise it works.


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  1. happy Thanksgiving Kelli! I am grateful to be inspired by your creative spirit. best wishes to you with your new line of cards. I love your precious little Pearl Button :)