08 December 2014

December running full out

details i adore.

I knew that December would bring lots of emotions for me. It is the first time I have been lucky enough to be so close to home (where I grew up) in over 30 years. That is crazy but, true. For me the seasons, changing weather, bundling up, decorating for the holidays, listening to music saved special for Christmas time all adds up to being truly centered and happy.

I realize more and more that in this busy crazy month of December it is important to take the time to really listen to friends and family. Be there in spirit and being mindful of being present. It is so easy to just send off a gift or cards not as easy to drop everything you are doing and be there for others.

I have been trying super lots to be there for others by listening and sharing time. Granted I have few friends in Galena (as we just moved almost two months ago) I am listening and learning about what makes me feel whole. This town, this house, the streets and buildings all make me feel whole and alive. I feel like this December is so extra special blessed. Trying to hold every moment knowing they are the most precious of all.

Happy December. Happy life. Fill it up with all that matters most to you. It counts.

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