23 December 2014

sacred souls

I have been thinking about what the word sacred means to me. I love the word. I love all of the many meanings it has for me. For me it seems extra precious. Like life - extra precious.

I find that most of my days if I start out counting every blessing I can think of I have a beautiful beginning to my day. The need to give, share and spill open this blessings of gratefulness is stronger then ever for me. I am unsure why but, it is very real, very much apart of who I am and who I am becoming.

So I gather around my "sacred souls" I share my hopes, dreams, passions and joy with. I pray my "sacred" cares and try to let them go. I live a pretty "sacred" good life - I am very flawed and I am at peace (for the most part) with my flaws. I see them as "special" and good and yes, "sacred".

So many pieces of life come together this time of year. Reflections are huge. Know this. Our lives are meant to live full out with every tiny bit of joy we can grab hold of. Yes, keeping them sacred.

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