06 January 2015

2015 I am showing up

Happy New Year. Happy year of beginning again. I have been marching my design path for many many years. Always knowing that I had something bigger and more inside me to get out. Being brave enough to actually go beyond  being the artist designer but, not being seen has been a hard climb for me. I feel like this year is my year to ARRIVE. For this very reason I have picked my word for 2015 to be ARRIVE.

One year ago I chose the word SHINE. I pushed and created and took every chance I could to get my art and designs out to people who could publish and notice my work. I tried my very best to SHINE in the way I had longed to. I am blessed to say that it worked as of this new month of Jan 2015. I have been published 7 times. I have had so many friends and my loving family behind me saying that I could do this. I could overcome the anxieties and just put myself out there.

I am grateful for listening and believing others when I have not believed myself. My parents have always believed in me and my art, always encouraged me to design and create. My hubby has been a constant voice of positive encouragement daily (even when I doubt myself the most) he is there going through my panic and anxiety coaching me on.

This new publication called Room to Create is a huge dream come true for me. As I have always been interested in where other talents create and what fuels them. I am proud of this article as it truly is me, how I think, where my passions come from. I am grateful for being recognized (knowing there are so many amazing artists in the world)

I am learning that our blessing come when we gush positive goodness on ourselves, when we truly listen to our hearts and what we want to matter at the end of each day. I continue to work on my anxieties and Mr. Doubt. I know that I will continue to work on shining and I will ARRIVE this year.

Happy to announce that in May I will be launching my line of Pearl Button's World of cards, prints and other goodness. I applied to be in the NY National Stationary Show a new division called FRESH - where a panel of talent votes you in or out. I am so proud to be in this juried section of Fresh.

This much I know even when you have fears and doubts move forward any way you can. It matters, it counts and you are so much happier.



  1. I am thrilled to see you published so many times this last year - I hope its just the beginning for you and you continue to shine!!

  2. This all makes me want to stand on top of a mountain and HOWL!!! ARRIVE indeed! :)

  3. I bought this magazine on a whim last week. And was so happy I did! So down to earth and fun! Congrats!!

    Linda in VA