28 January 2015

a little how to wrap a cool package by me

layers of book pages, tissues, paints come together.

find supplies by looking at paper in a new way.

i love to theme my gifts. color, textures, words, love.

vintage goodies are a must.

layers of paintings by me, vintage statues i collect, a flower from moms garden

One of my most favorite things to do is give. I love giving. I love wrapping. I have always thought that part of the joy of receiving a treat is the magic it is wrapped in. So with that I am going to give a few tips on how to customize your wrappings. Might be fun!! Once you start thinking and looking with new eyes at everyday things you have = you will be hooked.

I start by collecting papers that I think are cool. Could be a page from a magazine, a vintage book page, words printed from a grocery bag.

Alter the paper in some way. Add messy paint, write a poem, stitch randomly (by hand or machine).
You can add layers on top of each other in several ways. A glue stick, deco podge glue, tape or sewing.

Wrap the gift in brown kraft mailing paper, white butcher paper, rolls of childrens white paper found in craft areas of most stores.

Take your altered paper and cut it to the size of the top of your gift. See already it is a fun gift.
You can theme your gift (birthday, holiday, something you know your friend loves)

Take a simple piece of twine, ribbons tied together, torn strips of fabric and tie around your gift.

See how much fun this is! You can play and create lots of fun altered papers and have a stack just waiting for the gift wrapping time.

Play. Spend time just moving around papers, paints and your own personal style.

The art of gift wrapping is special and I promise your friends will adore your attention to giving.

New Valentines created by me found here in my etsy shop.



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