30 January 2015

handmade valentines by me

details, layers, gold leaf $35.00

layers of love found here for $35.00

gold leaf heart with wings layered on happy brights $35.00

love sacred love found here for $35.00

collage i love - sweetheart yummy

layers of love stitched here $15.00

really, yes only $15.00

large matchbox all original graphics and vintage bits $25.00

gorgeous hand made heart box for hiding treasures $24.00

crazy pretty vintage only $22.00
I love celebrations. I love being able to create tons of art many styles, mediums all filled with the joy I live to express. So my etsy shop is stocked with very affordable originals created by me for you to give or collect.

So much to learn and do and create just wanting to keep the fresh, love of creating alive for me and price my art for others to collect and enjoy.

Thank you for being here and liking what I do. It matters to me. I notice you. Love sweet Love.

Link to my etsy shop just in case you see something that makes your heart beat a little faster.


  1. Really loving it !

  2. You need to post more often- you have too much going for yourself not to ... xo

    1. dear anonymous
      thank you for your kind words and following my blog. i tend to think no one is out there and then a lovely word or two appear from others like you. i am grateful. much sweet love kelli