03 February 2015

layers making up my life and my art

building layers of painting, illustrations, clips of my world, vintage flowers

adding gold leaf for added goodness, white illustration work

watercolors, acrylic inks, india ink, illustration joy

paints, illustrations, tissues, stitched together
Today I was noticing my methods to building art. I have always been a lover of details, textiles, fonts, colors colliding together. My background is heavy in graphic design and illustration. I am noticing how I have always found a way in my computer generated designs to introduce elements of hand created artwork. I like this about me. Funny how we do something for so long it is just the way we do it. Not really thinking just doing. I find that when I get completely out of my head and just create it all flows out of me.

I am building a collection to present this year at the National Stationary Show in NYC in May - a new division called Fresh. Juried section and smaller I like this. Starting out designing my cards I thought "however do I do this?" Funny I have been doing this for decades. I paint and draw and layer and sew and layer more and then find the words that spill from me until I have a piece that makes me feel original and good. Something worth leaving behind in the world.

My goals are to show up in NYC with lots of new designs, pride in my booth style and in me. Being mindful of the truth of being me. Staying true to all that I am and all that I want to leave behind.

I am praying that others will be drawn to my style, my gifts and my messaging. Continuing the path of knowing that I am meant to do exactly what I am doing in this very time and space.


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    1. I love how you create you are amazing it all beautiful and unique!!l