18 February 2015

a calling. i answered. i am home.

blocks from the house we live in. Grants home.

history. yep, it makes my life better.

shadows, trails, sunshine, space wide open fields. yes, please.
When I was in 6th grade my school took a trip to visit the home of Ulysses S. Grant. I remember being smitten with this tiny little home. I remember the fake cherries in a bowl on the table. I remember thinking this is where I want to live (okay, not in the little house) the city of Galena.

Funny how the calling of my soul has been to live here for what seems like forever. We moved mountains and moved here from Siesta Key Florida. I know most think we are crazy. I do not feel crazy at all. I feel nurtured by the history everywhere I walk. I am so excited to see more then strip malls. I am thrilled with Galena. Okay, so the best of both worlds would be to have a little place on the beach in St. Pete too. Dreams still marching strong in my life.

I am drawn to this little house pictured above. It is two blocks from the house we live in. I visited today. It is clearly closed for winter. I peered into the windows and I filled with glee for on the little wooden table was a bowl with fake cherries. YES, I felt home.

There is a knowing in our souls. It matters to follow your heart. No matter how many opinions differ. Do it following your calling. Face every fear. I am still facing mine but, I happily say I am getting better. Grateful living in Galena.

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