15 February 2015

creating when it's not easy

layers of paints, tissues, inks, drawings, paper, gold leaf

lately i am marveling at white ink on gold

for me there will always be threads
Today I realized that when big stuff in life happens most of the time my escape is creating. Once in a very great while I freeze. I simply do not want to create or I try and it feels scattered. My life lately has been full of real stuff that is not easy. I practice the daily art of positive thoughtful living. I practice overcoming anxiety that is fresh at times. I follow my own self care habits that bring comfort and then I rest. I sleep. I sleep when it feels too much.

I know that all creatives share in the steps of finding our ways when it's not easy.

Tonight I wanted to share some helpful guides for me in my life. In hopes that I might help just one soul have some new ideas to perhaps practice.

Guide I created for me.
* I journal. I simply write, scribble anything and everything (which is a lot) that is in my head. I feel free to write everything down. No judgements of myself here. This journal is sacred healing life filling stuff.

* I walk. Yes, exercise in any way helps my head. Nature does it for me. I've noticed with the temps being super cold here in Illinois lately that I miss my big long walks. My head missed the space they clear for it. I am sure my little dog Pearl Button misses them too.

* I sleep. I nap. I do not beat myself up for needing more rest. This is a lesson I practice. No telling yourself that you are lesser for needing a rest. GO REST.

* I listen to music. Music that matches my mood. Almost always a song or two can take me out of my head space, if even for a little while.

* I practice not thinking too far into the future. This one is tricky. This one takes a bunch of practice.
I believe we only have this moment for sure. Any given moment can change your life. In big magical soul flipping ways.

I am practicing my life in a thoughtful way. I love then I love more. First of all loving me the very most I know how.


  1. Great list. I'm with you on the missing walking. It's been really hard this winter and certain dogs are most unhappy too...honoring oneself sounds simple doesn't, but rarely is. xox