12 September 2013

so it has been a month = crazy flying time

my re birthday treat

gifts from a sacred soul friend

new view from our new rental home in two weeks

practicing life
so it has been almost one month since i posted. i have been coming up with new names for my blog after much soul searching i have it = kelli may-krenz. yes, I am more then enough. Simple and pure it is just about being real.

moving again this month. yes, i waited 17 years to sell my home and move across the country. now after 3 months moving again. grateful for this life of change and gifts that are blessed for me.

i posted a few photos above of random bits of my life these days. simply said it feels good to be alive, knowing what it is like to really feel good, appreciating that i can change in ways i never imagined.

so so grateful.

14 August 2013

random loves lately = change is so good

crazy loving the air plants and tropicals

adoring this planter with shells and just a tiny plant or two

new find = vintage and loving so much
I am totally embracing change in my life and getting all that it means for me. How lucky I am to be on this path of self discovery and learning. From the simple found beauties in nature to the vintage candle holders just waiting for me = I am finding a new place in me that feels whole and so good.

Taking elements out of my life that did not work for me. Things that did not make me shine. Filling those places and spaces up with everyday beauty, everyday things, that is a real gift.

I have always loved nature. Rocks, shells, trees, leafs, colors in the grasses and flowers. I feel like vintage loves and nature combined help me be me. Learning to just create and be what a free place.

I am continuing my alters and shrines these days. They are getting bigger and better and filling me up.
The shine is becoming more and more clear for this I am most grateful.

Sending all good energy, love and raw happiness into the world everyday.

11 August 2013

living life full out = knowing myself walking strong

me the night before my world taught me more

a sacred meadow

a precious girl named Natasha (Nattie)

a simple shrine to celebrate life
My life has come with many many really hard lessons. I am me because of all of these moments I was given to learn from and grow. Seven years ago today the 12th of August. I had a dear loved friend die with me. His heart just stopped at 47 years young. I thought maybe, I would never fully breathe again. I am breathing and marching and loving more.

I was blessed to adopt his girl Nattie and have her as my girl for over 6 years. How lucky that my soul could be loved by this angel.

I am always aware of how precious time and moments are. I try my best to act in kindness, to love fully without fears, to give all that I have. I know that my journey is beginning yet again to love, give, create and make a difference in this big world.

Tonight I honor the moments in life my dear loved friend had and shared with me. I celebrate Nattie and all of the goodness she has taught me.

I celebrate how very very lucky I am to be me.

10 August 2013

following my spirit to Esalen = being brave and knowing = grateful

leaving at five in the morning to fly across the country to Big Sur

second flight a little plane to get me to San Jose

embracing color and me

beauty was everywhere

Big Sur Esalen = amazing

sacred spaces speaking to my soul

the ocean and her daily magic

living mindfully with intentions

brave me
sacred sisters = so gratefully blessed 
Knowing and listening to my inner voice meant hopping on a plane and going on a retreat with 14 women i had never met (connections on facebook only) Invited by one amazing artist I admire and who inspires me (and thousands of people) Trusting in the universe of powerful change and going.

One week at Esalen with like souls = artists. Facing silly fears that were very real to me and over coming anxiety. Move across the country after selling my home of 17 years, selling most everything I owned and 2 months later pack up and fly to Big Sur. Yes, these are the times that will teach me who I am at my very core.

I found that I am not alone in my thinking or being in life. I can have very powerful connections and friendships based on common truths with other artists and like souls. I was left knowing that I can move a mountain (again) I can create and help and love love love.

For me this retreat was so inspiring, empowering and life changing. I am gushing with glee for the women who created this and for the women who attended.

I know that as my mind wraps around this sacred time I will have more to share and write. For today I will say this = I am proud of myself and I am loving the journey my life is giving me.

08 August 2013

giving = fills me up with energy and light

lots of special details all coming together to create something special

vintage beads, glass, stones, color all combined with love

little vintage hand sewn bags with tags, feathers, beads, stitches

15 necklaces to give = grateful i am 
I love giving. I love giving so very much. I love the art of making, layering, building and each tiny detail that makes packages extra special. Feeling the love of giving makes me whole and feel very connected to tiny graces in the world.

These are some treats I created to give my new friends I was going to meet at Esalen in Big Sur. Knowing that I had never met any of these women (in person) left me wanting to give something from my heart that would travel home with them. Nothing better then giving of ourselves.

They were well received by these new friends of mine. I know for sure they know they are cherished and so welcome in my world.

Beloved. Giving. Grateful. I am.

03 August 2013

really seeing the beauty in everyday = i do

feathers, bones, textures

loving the cool touch of a stone, crystal, shell

nature provides the most beautiful art

vintage woven = pure magic

shells = i can never have enough

a beautiful alter built by a sweet talented friend

I have been thinking about how much beauty surrounds me daily. Simply in the world for us to see, explore and then see again with new eyes daily. I have always been attracted to the shapes, textures, layers of things. I love the idea of having one precious piece of nature that will never happen again.

I have recently learned that others in the world of design create alters around their spaces. I love knowing that while I am busy building my shrines and alters others are finding joy in similar passions. The knowing of not being alone is quite the wake up for me. I am grateful for this lesson again in my life.

I am going to start a new project tomorrow = collecting one beauty in nature each day and adding it to an alter of sorts (maybe, they will become art pieces) or not. I plan to take a photo and keep track of my daily finds. I know I will learn so much from this and end up with an amazing something.

Tracking beauty = not easy to do but, so worth the efforts.

02 August 2013

Mindful Living = Connections for a lifetime

traveling shrine so amazing

lucky me to be surrounded by such talents and love

this girl is all about REAL style and beauty

not a better soul to be with

passion flower - stunning

not a sweeter, more fun beauty to be blessed with

serious SHINE from within WOW

the start of something sacred for me

no better circle EVER

intentions are everything = remember this 

love this lady

these were daily gifts i received so much = grateful

beauty + beauty = stunning
There are times in my life that I know that being brave and knowing my heart is the right thing to do. I follow these always no matter how hard it might be for me, or how shy I can be, or the anxiety that finds me. I take my doubts about who I am and what I have to offer and I place them in this little invisible bag and take them with me as I face what I fear. EVERY single time I am rewarded with more happiness, more knowing of my soul, living with intentions, shining on souls and making a difference in this big world.

I create daily for a living. My goal from this retreat I bravely marched into is to create for me and make my card line for Pearl Button's World. I am using my soul filled self to start this dream.

Dream daily. I do. I know that they come true. I know with intention behind my efforts I will shine.

Grateful to you beautiful souls who have again taught me so very much about life and myself.

I love all of you so much.

11 June 2013

my love for creating shrines, alters of sorts

Ever since I was a little girl I loved putting sacred special things in my life grouped together and feeling the energy that came from them. I have always done this and wondered if others build these magic spots to find peace in?

As I get older I make more. I find treasures from friends, pieces of my past both found and created that need to be with other like things. Magic is born. I find that if I create these all around our home (which seems totally natural to me) I feel safe, good, strong.

Our home becomes a sacred space where I feel good to live and share with friends. I never care if home is a bit messy or out of sorts as long as pieces of love are gathered together to share with others.

I even create my gifts as traveling shrines. I like this about me. Feels good. I am owning this rare love about me. I am feeling grateful that I find special love for details and celebrating them.

Grateful = me.