02 August 2013

Mindful Living = Connections for a lifetime

traveling shrine so amazing

lucky me to be surrounded by such talents and love

this girl is all about REAL style and beauty

not a better soul to be with

passion flower - stunning

not a sweeter, more fun beauty to be blessed with

serious SHINE from within WOW

the start of something sacred for me

no better circle EVER

intentions are everything = remember this 

love this lady

these were daily gifts i received so much = grateful

beauty + beauty = stunning
There are times in my life that I know that being brave and knowing my heart is the right thing to do. I follow these always no matter how hard it might be for me, or how shy I can be, or the anxiety that finds me. I take my doubts about who I am and what I have to offer and I place them in this little invisible bag and take them with me as I face what I fear. EVERY single time I am rewarded with more happiness, more knowing of my soul, living with intentions, shining on souls and making a difference in this big world.

I create daily for a living. My goal from this retreat I bravely marched into is to create for me and make my card line for Pearl Button's World. I am using my soul filled self to start this dream.

Dream daily. I do. I know that they come true. I know with intention behind my efforts I will shine.

Grateful to you beautiful souls who have again taught me so very much about life and myself.

I love all of you so much.

1 comment:

  1. i love you!

    i am so grateful you got on that plane and made the trek across the country to be with us in Esalen.

    The circle could not have been without you!!