11 August 2013

living life full out = knowing myself walking strong

me the night before my world taught me more

a sacred meadow

a precious girl named Natasha (Nattie)

a simple shrine to celebrate life
My life has come with many many really hard lessons. I am me because of all of these moments I was given to learn from and grow. Seven years ago today the 12th of August. I had a dear loved friend die with me. His heart just stopped at 47 years young. I thought maybe, I would never fully breathe again. I am breathing and marching and loving more.

I was blessed to adopt his girl Nattie and have her as my girl for over 6 years. How lucky that my soul could be loved by this angel.

I am always aware of how precious time and moments are. I try my best to act in kindness, to love fully without fears, to give all that I have. I know that my journey is beginning yet again to love, give, create and make a difference in this big world.

Tonight I honor the moments in life my dear loved friend had and shared with me. I celebrate Nattie and all of the goodness she has taught me.

I celebrate how very very lucky I am to be me.

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  1. Such a beautiful post, Kelli ~ thank you for sharing your heart. It truly is amazing how those things which feel as though they will break us completely really do make us stronger...and mold us into the souls we are meant to be. Life does deliver some difficult lessons...but, yes, how beautiful it is to witness and receive some of the sweetest gifts that unravel as a result. May we always feel the SUNSHINE peeking in on us and guiding us through the dark spots! :) Thinking of you! Warm, beachy hugs to you!!