10 August 2013

following my spirit to Esalen = being brave and knowing = grateful

leaving at five in the morning to fly across the country to Big Sur

second flight a little plane to get me to San Jose

embracing color and me

beauty was everywhere

Big Sur Esalen = amazing

sacred spaces speaking to my soul

the ocean and her daily magic

living mindfully with intentions

brave me
sacred sisters = so gratefully blessed 
Knowing and listening to my inner voice meant hopping on a plane and going on a retreat with 14 women i had never met (connections on facebook only) Invited by one amazing artist I admire and who inspires me (and thousands of people) Trusting in the universe of powerful change and going.

One week at Esalen with like souls = artists. Facing silly fears that were very real to me and over coming anxiety. Move across the country after selling my home of 17 years, selling most everything I owned and 2 months later pack up and fly to Big Sur. Yes, these are the times that will teach me who I am at my very core.

I found that I am not alone in my thinking or being in life. I can have very powerful connections and friendships based on common truths with other artists and like souls. I was left knowing that I can move a mountain (again) I can create and help and love love love.

For me this retreat was so inspiring, empowering and life changing. I am gushing with glee for the women who created this and for the women who attended.

I know that as my mind wraps around this sacred time I will have more to share and write. For today I will say this = I am proud of myself and I am loving the journey my life is giving me.

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