14 August 2013

random loves lately = change is so good

crazy loving the air plants and tropicals

adoring this planter with shells and just a tiny plant or two

new find = vintage and loving so much
I am totally embracing change in my life and getting all that it means for me. How lucky I am to be on this path of self discovery and learning. From the simple found beauties in nature to the vintage candle holders just waiting for me = I am finding a new place in me that feels whole and so good.

Taking elements out of my life that did not work for me. Things that did not make me shine. Filling those places and spaces up with everyday beauty, everyday things, that is a real gift.

I have always loved nature. Rocks, shells, trees, leafs, colors in the grasses and flowers. I feel like vintage loves and nature combined help me be me. Learning to just create and be what a free place.

I am continuing my alters and shrines these days. They are getting bigger and better and filling me up.
The shine is becoming more and more clear for this I am most grateful.

Sending all good energy, love and raw happiness into the world everyday.

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