12 September 2013

so it has been a month = crazy flying time

my re birthday treat

gifts from a sacred soul friend

new view from our new rental home in two weeks

practicing life
so it has been almost one month since i posted. i have been coming up with new names for my blog after much soul searching i have it = kelli may-krenz. yes, I am more then enough. Simple and pure it is just about being real.

moving again this month. yes, i waited 17 years to sell my home and move across the country. now after 3 months moving again. grateful for this life of change and gifts that are blessed for me.

i posted a few photos above of random bits of my life these days. simply said it feels good to be alive, knowing what it is like to really feel good, appreciating that i can change in ways i never imagined.

so so grateful.


  1. Kelli, am so happy for you. My favorite thing every day is look and see what new posts you have done. Absolutely love all of your "stuff". What a joy to be part of your Happy World. Thank you for friending me Sandy