07 January 2014

listening to my heart = really listening, finally

listening to my whole heart = facing fears

my first printed Pearl Button card 2013 Holiday

my first Pearl Button Sticker 2013 Holiday

forever grateful for my little 12 pound muse = daughter Pearl Button
2014 for me is about making my dream a reality. creating designs filled with joy filled words, photos, layers of design and love tons of love poured in = cards, cards, cards.

i have so many fears about making this happen = not sure where they come from or why? i am choosing this = face them, break them down one by one and THRIVE.

i will be learning how to create a following of like minds and souls. i do hope to inspire, create and give of myself through my designs.

here i go. please come with me = we will have fun.


  1. Thrilled to be following your blog dear one! Meeting you in St. Pete's Beach and getting to know you was a gift I will always cherish.