20 January 2014

staying on the path of creating, sharing and of course daily caring,

love sweet love princess owl hoot hoot

yes, i love to wear skirts but, not today. thank you.

my signature vest i adore wearing.   

creating is where i find my comfort, peace, strength and my knowing. i just need to sit for a time and create and my world snaps into focus. i have always escaped to the most wonderful glee filled places with some level of knowing when i create.

staying on track so far this new year. creating for me. sharing with others. selling my original art for the first time personally. being super grateful that i am able to be an artist. trying to find the way to spread positive love and joy on a grand scale - world wide.

i will continue my quest knowing that the more i send out the better i feel.

grateful beyond. knowing.


  1. I adore your art!!! Where can I purchase a print? My sister-friend Linda Hendershot turned me on to you!! Hope to meet ya in person sometime soon when in Florida! Pam

  2. Love your posts and your art sweet thing!!! You bring a smile to my face when you share your beautiful images!

  3. Goodness. Please keep letting that light out from under that bushel! Darling, darling, darling.