17 March 2014

learning so much about me these days = grateful lessons wor

work in progress = teaching me so much today

daily reminders = gifts of grace

daily reminders = gifts of grace
Lessons are always big for me. Sometimes they roll in hard and surprise me = and I wonder how did they ever come so fast and far. Wow. Lately, my lessons are more sneaky. Surprising still but, sneaky.
Focus on just creating for the sake of creating = for me me me. This is my uphill race.

I have my studio graphic design deadlines. I always meet them and they go swimmingly well.

I know must make the art of kelli world a deadline to produce and get out into the big world.

I am hoping by posting this I will start to believe I am talented enough. Silly how artists do this to ourselves. Tonight I am going to tell myself when I wake in the morning = Kelli you go get this world and show your art. Do it now. You are enough. You have everything you need. Go.

Hard lesson I am learning. I am learning.

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  1. You have everything you need !!!!
    Love your work !!!!