11 April 2014

finding the path when it is not always easy = still a beautiful path

This week I was lucky enough to find a new path and walk the grounds of the Ringling Museum. Wow. I felt like I took a mini trip to Europe. The rose garden alone filled me up with so much discovery and glee.

I am searching these days for a peace to wash over me. I am experiencing panic attacks. Yes, the real ones that are super scary. I have been to the doctor and working with her on all that needs to happen.
One big question remains = why and what is making me panic? Soul searching I go.

My life has been filled with lots of soul searching, giving, loving and healing. I know that I can find the way back from these panic places. I am just on the path. So until I turn the right corner and walk down the right path - I will be searching. I will be noticing. I will keep my journal daily. I will create more art (the safest place in the world for me) I will love with a bigger heart. I will give more with less.

I will be grateful that this too shall pass and I will find the path of no panic.

Real life lessons. I will share and hopefully help some others.