11 April 2014

finding the path when it is not always easy = still a beautiful path

This week I was lucky enough to find a new path and walk the grounds of the Ringling Museum. Wow. I felt like I took a mini trip to Europe. The rose garden alone filled me up with so much discovery and glee.

I am searching these days for a peace to wash over me. I am experiencing panic attacks. Yes, the real ones that are super scary. I have been to the doctor and working with her on all that needs to happen.
One big question remains = why and what is making me panic? Soul searching I go.

My life has been filled with lots of soul searching, giving, loving and healing. I know that I can find the way back from these panic places. I am just on the path. So until I turn the right corner and walk down the right path - I will be searching. I will be noticing. I will keep my journal daily. I will create more art (the safest place in the world for me) I will love with a bigger heart. I will give more with less.

I will be grateful that this too shall pass and I will find the path of no panic.

Real life lessons. I will share and hopefully help some others.


  1. You are brave to share. Your truth does reach out and help others. The ripple effect can be powerful when we share our stories. I am here to witness you and your grate big life ! Kelli, do you tap? ( EFT ) I will discuss with you privately if you want. xoxo I adore you

  2. Love your beautiful brave courageous soul...as one who has suffered from panic attacks I understand...we will find the the peaceful quiet path.

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    1. Kelli, I was trying to edit my comment, so please ignore my removal above. Thank you for sharing so vulnerably. You will probably have no idea how many people your words in this post will impact. I am convinced that the most effective healers are the wounded ones. Have you read The Wounded Healer by Henri Nouwen? I tried to post the link to open, but somehow wasn't able to do it. Love & big hugs to you <3