02 May 2014

the knowing i have = stronger then ever

collage and painting with pen and ink and gold leaf vintage book pages 

tiny tags tea stained stitches with vintage laces also stained hand written love

vintage fabric, illustration, pen and ink illustration, quotes, collage

vintage paper collage, painting, illustration, stitching, words that have meaning, nature

embellished box by me = adore giving gifts

illustration, pen and ink, words that change focus, threads
today a dream came true for me. loving the journey my past and present are giving me. it is so very easy to get caught up in the now. i do it. everyone does. knowing in my heart that the more love and goodness and following what is given to me (thank God) is a lesson i continue to examine and learn.

i am grateful for my life. in ways some of you will never know. i have walked dark stuff with a tiny light beaming. i have shared, given, loved and will continue to move these mountains. i know i can help others move mountains too. i know it with my heart and soul.

feeling grateful for the goodness that is in my soul.

create. create. create. and then create more. it is all waiting. i know it.


  1. I just found your "heavenly" site through Tracy Verdugo. You have a new fan. Lovely, I will be watching and following.