11 May 2014

sacred mother = a love like no other

mom and me on the right with my little cousin (one of my best friends) Tracy I think we liked our shoes.

me at three with my stylish mom and grandpa

love you to the moon and back mom - oh how i loved skipper

thank you mom for letting me find and follow my wings
Happy Mothers Day mom. Today is just one day out of 365 that I give thanks for the life you continue to give me. I became all that I am with your spirit, love and lessons. I continue daily to know more, give more and be grateful for all of the creativity you allowed in my world.

I grew up an only child. I can honestly say (you do not miss what you do not have) I was always surrounded by 4 friends who felt like my sisters. I was blessed growing up surrounded by creativity.
Mom was always decorating, playing music (records) nurturing plants, hanging laundry to dry on the clothes line by the lilac trees, splashing around with me in the pool (oh how i love water) and allowed to find my own style (even if it was vintage) ha.

I have always been given the freedom to walk my path. Always walked the life of an artist. No judgement (even when my mom and dad might not have know exactly what being a professional graphic designer met) I was given the support to go to college and to thrive in my art.

Thank you for continuing to fine awe in what I create. Thank you for following my life passions with me. This is my year to shine so bright, to get the noticing for my art to change my world. Thank you for being my mom. Easy not always but, forever worth the lessons. Oh, how I cherish you Mom.

Happy Mothers Day = Sacred love like no other.


  1. Oh Kelli, what a lovely tribute to the one who obviously influenced you in some detailed ways...did you know I have a clothesline fetish? xoxo