19 May 2014

Pearl Button our tiny JRT turns 4 today = love sweet love

Pearl Button laying in her birthday hat, tired of photo shoot.

just starting out the photo shoot. not digging the hat and ear combo.

Pearl Button does not often get people food. So the cupcake was planted with puppy treats on top.

i just love how blown out the colors are on this one.
Today our little dog Pearl Button turns 4. Oh how very grateful I am to be loved by her. She is just the sweetest most precious silly little dog. My husband and I are goofy nuts about her. We have both always had big dogs. She is our first little dog who thinks she is a lab or Siberian Husky. Her two older sisters who are now at the meatloaf buffet in heaven trained her. I love that she has habits and skills of her older sisters. Thank you Clover and Nattie for all the love and training.

I have never had children so I am nutso about my little dogs. I have mad passion for dogs always have always will. I feel that if more people could be like a dog the better life might be. I love the honesty, the silly good happy always, no judgements, just love = pure sweet love.

Today we are celebrating Pearl Button. Actually, we celebrate her daily. Today she just wears the silly hat.

Love you sweet little girl. Happy Birthday.

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