13 May 2013

steps in creating dream = journal pages

I think it is funny to call something you are working so very very hard for a dream. Not sure why I find this funny exactly but, I do.

I have wanted for so many many years (10 or so) to move from my beautiful home in Deephaven to live near the ocean. With many a roller coaster rides to fly off of and then gently crawl back on = I have done it.

House is sold. Most furniture and items in house sold. My precious 14 year old Clover left and went to the meat loaf buffet in heaven. My projects in the studio are still cranking strong (trying to climb off the design wagon) Going away parties are planned and set in date. Emotions are just in high achievement mode.

Feeling very grateful for my life = a well mindfully lived life. Feeling generous with sharing of my soul. Feeling very brave and strong.

Trusting that all of my (our) hard work is being blessed by all of the sacred heavens I know exist.

Sharing a bit more of my world with my journal pages today.