31 March 2012

Uppercase Magazine and Me = Love story for me

it all starts here in issue #13 Uppercase Magazine
Canvas 3 dimensional artwork by me featured in Uppercase

detail of artwork

detail of artwork

detail of artwork

artwork on more time
Grateful. Giddy. To the moon thrilled that this month of April will bring my first published artwork and bio in none other than Uppercase Magazine. I know, right?

I have long wanted to be published in a kicking magazine. So I went for my personal favorite Uppercase. I entered my artwork, I entered my bio. A few months go by and I find out that I am lucky enough to have my bio featured in issue #13. A few days go by and I received another email congratulating me that out of over 150 entries in art, mine was one that was picked. The contest for art was to create a piece around rain, clouds and dreary weather.

I have no words to say how grateful, thrilled and honored I am to be included in this issue #13.

Here are some links to the magazine

Also it is sold at Anthropologie maybe, my favorite muse store.



25 March 2012

growing the fun stuff.

floating in pretty graphic by me. framed for our entryway.
This weekend my friend and client Susan from Lily gave me this frame. Lucky me!!! I immediately knew that this new graphic needed to be in it and it had to be in our entryway. I love how it turned out.
Seems so perfect to greet us when we come home.

Simple little touches that make days shine. Yep.

Tomorrow starts a new week. Mine is loaded with fun creative and new adventures. Abundance is surrounding my soul and I am most grateful.

Do one thing that makes you skip today!!!

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23 March 2012

my one and only clover dog.

clover who is approaching turning 13 on April 6th. lover girl.
Soulful living with dogs. That is such a fun sentence to write and know the meaning of. I feel so connected to my dogs (children for me). This is such a sweet shot of Clover I just had to post it and gush a bit. She is such a good good girl.

Clover has stormed through a bunch of hard history with me and has always stayed by my side, tail wagging and happy to be with me. I am so grateful for her loving energy and soft soul she shares with me.

Today I celebrate Clover and all of the love she brings me daily (hourly) really. Love you Clover.

22 March 2012

illustration. i do this. yep.

summer drink in hand she is stylish and happy.

Easter card created for card line.

this was created for some tiny book. okay, bad with who i create for. improve my memory. 
So I am working away creating daily and posting all of the time. Taking my soulful class Hello Soul. Hello Business. doing all of this searching for what makes me tick what my goals are and on and on and on. Just not looking at the stuff right in front of me. I am an illustrator too. Yes, i haved created tons of illustration work for really super great clients (thanks Helen Ravenhill) my rep and a women I admire more then I can say. Her link is at the bottom. Really she is incredible.

So here i sit planning my new company, new life, new everythings and I had forgotten that I can draw. Really!!! Oh my. this has me thinking why? how? did I really just forget? No I think I took it for granted and paid no mind to it. Big mistake I love drawing, I love making non sense on paper and having it fun and happy and wacky.

Well here we go ~ a new path of twinkle lights just blinked bigtime for me. Now to combine my love of textures, papers, words, fonts, vintage, drawing, painting, dogs and make this into my business.

Off I go.

Delighted that the twinkle lights still bring magic to me.

BEST rep and friend in the world here http://www.ravenhill.net/kmay/bio.php

Create by me here http://www.facebook.com/730Thursday

19 March 2012

happy in your own skin.

i adore this quote.
Learning so much these days in my Hello Soul. Hello Business. class. Incredible the amount of soul searching going on. I cannot express enough how terrific this class is. Wow.

I have often felt that I am an odd person out when it comes to crowds. I always think a bit differently ~ most of the time keeping my ideas to myself. I am learning that expressing these ideas through my art and design is really what I have been doing my entire life. I just never looked at it that way.

This quote is just a lovely thought and so very true with me. The photo was taken of me 18 years ago. I had no idea that I was that pretty or that soulful. I am hoping that I am aware of me and all of the things in my life now. Life really does end up being about the journey and what you make of it. Finding joy and happiness and peace with who we are ~ comfort in our own skin. What a lovely idea.

Today starts another week of exploring, learning and doing. I am thrilled to be on this path.

17 March 2012


simply nice and hopeful and ever so green.
Happy St. Patricks Day!

Clovers and everything green. I say let's celebrate in some small green happy dancing kind of way.

Today I am going to make sure I get to enjoy a few things that make me smile. Drive with the windows down and the music turned up. Go see a few friendly faces and appreciate my friendships. Eat something yummy and appreciate how lucky I am to have this ease.

Yes, today is all about creating my own luck, my own world and loving every minute of it.

Go and wake up your lucky ~ may abundance find you!!!

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14 March 2012

imagination runny wild today.

window in Provence France = want to live inside (me)

window in Paris France (love this so much)

doors in Nice France. i can only imagine how cool it is inside.

the sea. picture taken standing in Nice France being blown away.
Today is a day to imagine all the possibilities that surround me. I love the sea, I love the ocean, I love vintage, history, blues, rocks and more water please.  These photos I took a few months ago remind me to stay inspired, to march on with my dreams, to get busy making my future happen NOW. I am strongly marching forward to my life by the water. These pictures sure helped me feel alive today.
I hope they make you smile too.

13 March 2012

signs telling me so.

grass, trees, water, beauty. nature in its finest.
I have been reflecting much lately. Sending energy out and creating the move to sunny ocean loving Florida state. Of course, we have to sell our house. More good energy needed. I learned today that many of the things I adore around me in my current state of Minnesota ~ I am allergic to. Yes, grass, pollen, molds on leafs and ragweed. Okay, ragweed sounds like everyone should be allergic to it.

I am looking at this new knowledge as yet another sign to move. Create a new environment a life by the ocean (always a dream for me).

For today I am most grateful for each big and little sign that helps me know I am on the right path.

12 March 2012

definitely a muse. Pearl Button.

latest card for my Pearl Button line.

Pearl has many friends. Sheep well she loves sheep.

Bears and turtles too.
A muse of course. I am finding more and more reasons and inspiration daily for my new line of products Pearl Button. Sure we are starting with cards, what fun. We are marching on with other products and it thrills me.

Keeping it simple. Mission to share joy, laughter, love and create a tiny piece of happy to share.
I have been trying to write my mission for my class I am in for weeks. This just spilled out of me and I love it.

So today starts another fun filled week. I for one am just giddy about the possibilities.

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10 March 2012

unexpected kindness. so grateful.

me first time drumming with rock band. really terrible i am but, had a ball.
I love that life brings unexpected joys. I am always reminded of the kindness and love shared by real friendships.

Tonight was one of those sweet special rare blessed evenings. Two friends brought dinner, drinks and rock band for entertainment. SO much fun!

It was super good to just have fun being silly (trying to play rock band drums and bass guitar) Out of the studio no creating really just having fun.

Saturday will be a new day for adventure and I am thrilled to have started my weekend off with trying something new. Most happy and thankful for good friends.

07 March 2012

sending packages = i adore

i had a ball putting this package together today.

happy banner, 53 cards nested, tin cowboy, you name it = fun filled
One of my favorite things to do in the studio is to create really fun packages that i know the person receiving will have fun opening. I love layering treats on top of treats on top of more treats. I really just enjoy all the energy that goes out in a package.

This package contains my 53 cards I posted yesterday with some other fun goodies. A jumble of my life and loves and silly things around me that I cherish.

The person receiving this package has never received one from me before. Ooh more fresh goodness.

For today I am grateful for the ability to create for a living, to have daily passion to make things, to have an abundance of ideas and be able to bring them to life. I wish this for every single soul who reads this. Feed your soul daily it always gives back.

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finding inspiration and marching on.

inspirational quotes on a deck of altered playing cards = done
So I am on this creative journey Hello Soul. Hello Business. class and finding great spirit and soul connections that just feed to inspire me to create even more. I know I too did not know this was possible. Sleep is rare around here for a bit, I think.

This was a side project offered by one of the other souls I connect with in the class. Take a deck of 53 playing cards, add a quote to each one (inspiring) trick out the deck as you like. Put your name and contact info on the backs. Send this to my soul connection in the class. She is taking these decks from all over the U.S. and mixing up all of them to create a new deck. Each of us creating will receive a mixed up deck from all over the country.

What a beautiful way to share positive energy. I absolutely adore this idea and project.

Most grateful to have completed this. Moving on to The World of Pearl Button. Her line continues to grow.

more creative found here by me http://www.facebook.com/730Thursday

03 March 2012


drive from Nice to Italy. seriously the most beautiful site I have EVER seen.

On our road trip from Nice to Paris we stopped at an ancient town. Amazing.

Yep. I would live in this town in one second.

The pop of color on the windows contrasting the stone and greens = adore big time.

I do believe life is all about your perspective. Know yourself enough to embrace your dreams and your life will be rich, happy, and at least much more fun. I am feeling very strong and lucky to know that I have been gifted so many things in life.

This trip to Europe we took on a lucky star ~ inspires me every single day to make the changes in my life that I am working on right now.

As we begin a new month. I am starting to see some of my dreams that I have been working on (for most of my life) really. Coming true.

The list marches on and I am fully ready for each event. We are talking big dreaming here and I am pushing these dreams out.

Life is so so precious and we are so lucky to get another day to dream, play, and believe in our own power. I wish for everyone reading this to really know this.

Off I go to make more dreams come true.

02 March 2012

listening to my inner voice. my soul.

new quote and design by me ~ beautiful chair photo by me taken at flea market in Paris
2012 holds so much in store for me. I am making it happen. I am fueled with new energy and a great perspective I have longed for. I have always found beauty in unusual places and things. I finally get that this is special and I am listening.

I think as children we are taught things that we carry with us and we form from. I really like the imperfectness in life and in all things around me. I like the slightly off, tattered, not quite done. I feel connected to things and places that feel like this.

There is such a disconnect for me to try and to be just so. I finally feel like I do not have to be this way. Free from judgement (at least trying to not let those matter as much) Free to create and really dive into new creative passions.

My soul feels awake. I am so grateful for this. How many people never get to this happy soulful skipping along kind of awake? I continue to march on with my direct path to making myself known this year.

Thanks for coming along on this journey with me.