02 March 2012

listening to my inner voice. my soul.

new quote and design by me ~ beautiful chair photo by me taken at flea market in Paris
2012 holds so much in store for me. I am making it happen. I am fueled with new energy and a great perspective I have longed for. I have always found beauty in unusual places and things. I finally get that this is special and I am listening.

I think as children we are taught things that we carry with us and we form from. I really like the imperfectness in life and in all things around me. I like the slightly off, tattered, not quite done. I feel connected to things and places that feel like this.

There is such a disconnect for me to try and to be just so. I finally feel like I do not have to be this way. Free from judgement (at least trying to not let those matter as much) Free to create and really dive into new creative passions.

My soul feels awake. I am so grateful for this. How many people never get to this happy soulful skipping along kind of awake? I continue to march on with my direct path to making myself known this year.

Thanks for coming along on this journey with me.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Kelli,
    I love the above photo, quote, and graphics. I am glad to read that your soul feels awake. And I love your attitude about being aware that not everyone gets to that place. Beautiful wisdom and acknowledgement.
    Smiles to you,