07 March 2012

sending packages = i adore

i had a ball putting this package together today.

happy banner, 53 cards nested, tin cowboy, you name it = fun filled
One of my favorite things to do in the studio is to create really fun packages that i know the person receiving will have fun opening. I love layering treats on top of treats on top of more treats. I really just enjoy all the energy that goes out in a package.

This package contains my 53 cards I posted yesterday with some other fun goodies. A jumble of my life and loves and silly things around me that I cherish.

The person receiving this package has never received one from me before. Ooh more fresh goodness.

For today I am grateful for the ability to create for a living, to have daily passion to make things, to have an abundance of ideas and be able to bring them to life. I wish this for every single soul who reads this. Feed your soul daily it always gives back.

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  1. So sweet, Aunt Kelli :-) I guess those of us who have received packages from you before are aware of how treat-filled your fun gifts really are! So blessed to have received one (or two, or three, or MORE.... too many to count!) from you before!!!! :D

    Love, love, love.

  2. Wow, whoever gets that is going to be very happy! I think there is something lovely about getting mail that isn't a bill!
    I'm sharing your passion for creating today, and wish it right back to you! x

  3. As a past recipient of your generous, spirit filled packages, I must add that it's your LOVE that always shines through. Thank you for being.