07 March 2012

finding inspiration and marching on.

inspirational quotes on a deck of altered playing cards = done
So I am on this creative journey Hello Soul. Hello Business. class and finding great spirit and soul connections that just feed to inspire me to create even more. I know I too did not know this was possible. Sleep is rare around here for a bit, I think.

This was a side project offered by one of the other souls I connect with in the class. Take a deck of 53 playing cards, add a quote to each one (inspiring) trick out the deck as you like. Put your name and contact info on the backs. Send this to my soul connection in the class. She is taking these decks from all over the U.S. and mixing up all of them to create a new deck. Each of us creating will receive a mixed up deck from all over the country.

What a beautiful way to share positive energy. I absolutely adore this idea and project.

Most grateful to have completed this. Moving on to The World of Pearl Button. Her line continues to grow.

more creative found here by me http://www.facebook.com/730Thursday

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