22 March 2012

illustration. i do this. yep.

summer drink in hand she is stylish and happy.

Easter card created for card line.

this was created for some tiny book. okay, bad with who i create for. improve my memory. 
So I am working away creating daily and posting all of the time. Taking my soulful class Hello Soul. Hello Business. doing all of this searching for what makes me tick what my goals are and on and on and on. Just not looking at the stuff right in front of me. I am an illustrator too. Yes, i haved created tons of illustration work for really super great clients (thanks Helen Ravenhill) my rep and a women I admire more then I can say. Her link is at the bottom. Really she is incredible.

So here i sit planning my new company, new life, new everythings and I had forgotten that I can draw. Really!!! Oh my. this has me thinking why? how? did I really just forget? No I think I took it for granted and paid no mind to it. Big mistake I love drawing, I love making non sense on paper and having it fun and happy and wacky.

Well here we go ~ a new path of twinkle lights just blinked bigtime for me. Now to combine my love of textures, papers, words, fonts, vintage, drawing, painting, dogs and make this into my business.

Off I go.

Delighted that the twinkle lights still bring magic to me.

BEST rep and friend in the world here http://www.ravenhill.net/kmay/bio.php

Create by me here http://www.facebook.com/730Thursday

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