31 March 2012

Uppercase Magazine and Me = Love story for me

it all starts here in issue #13 Uppercase Magazine
Canvas 3 dimensional artwork by me featured in Uppercase

detail of artwork

detail of artwork

detail of artwork

artwork on more time
Grateful. Giddy. To the moon thrilled that this month of April will bring my first published artwork and bio in none other than Uppercase Magazine. I know, right?

I have long wanted to be published in a kicking magazine. So I went for my personal favorite Uppercase. I entered my artwork, I entered my bio. A few months go by and I find out that I am lucky enough to have my bio featured in issue #13. A few days go by and I received another email congratulating me that out of over 150 entries in art, mine was one that was picked. The contest for art was to create a piece around rain, clouds and dreary weather.

I have no words to say how grateful, thrilled and honored I am to be included in this issue #13.

Here are some links to the magazine

Also it is sold at Anthropologie maybe, my favorite muse store.




  1. Congratulations Kelli, This must feel great incredible for you. Way to Go!

  2. Not only is this a wonderful piece of art- but it is being shown in such a fabulous publication! woo hoo! haPPy dancing for you!

  3. Hi Kelli!
    Thanks so much for making your way over to my blog, and leaving such a delightful comment! Hey! I wanted to let you know I received my copy of Uppercase yesterday with YOU in it. Looks amazing and fabulous, girl, and so happy for you being in this lovely publication. I'm glad we found each other through HSHB, and look forward to getting to know you as we march together down the creative path.
    x, Val