12 March 2012

definitely a muse. Pearl Button.

latest card for my Pearl Button line.

Pearl has many friends. Sheep well she loves sheep.

Bears and turtles too.
A muse of course. I am finding more and more reasons and inspiration daily for my new line of products Pearl Button. Sure we are starting with cards, what fun. We are marching on with other products and it thrills me.

Keeping it simple. Mission to share joy, laughter, love and create a tiny piece of happy to share.
I have been trying to write my mission for my class I am in for weeks. This just spilled out of me and I love it.

So today starts another fun filled week. I for one am just giddy about the possibilities.

More fun by me here http://www.facebook.com/730Thursday


  1. I can't wait for these cards to be available - I don't even want to send them to anyone, just keep them here on my desk!
    Say hello to Pearl for me,
    best wishes

    1. You are darling. Thanks Felicia. I am excited about creating them. I am most thankful for your kind words and encouragement. Really special for you to comment. Many moons of thanks smiles