28 April 2016

#100 Days of Believing in YOU

Join me #100 days of YOU 
I practice daily at believing in positive living and doing my best to share this joy I feel for living.

I have a weakness in not believing in me. It is crazy as I have had lots of success as a graphic designer and illustrator, artist. Still I remain longing for more. I have a deep need to fill up the world with the joy, caring soulful goodness I have learned in my life. I need to do this. I must believe in myself more. I must affirm myself more.

I thought if I feel this way maybe, other talented artists, lovely friends feel the same way? So I am starting on May 1st which is this Sunday (May Day) my maiden name. My project is going to be called 100 Days of YOU!

I will post daily affirmations, soulful ways to start believing in yourself more. I am convinced that by practicing this for 100 days it will become a lovely new habit. One I can be blessed by and hopefully help others do the same thing.

So please find me on facebook and instagram. I will be posting each day one new thought. At the end of our 100 Days of YOU I am going to have a give away from me to you. I will have a day at the end where I ask you to tell me your story and how this worked for you.

I am going to have more videos, photos of my life and share more of my world. I hope you join me. I know this is going to be a really wonderful new practice. Loving and believing in ourselves more.




02 April 2016

"Trust what your life is showing you. Lean in to who you are becoming. Stay loyal to that and watch your life flow forward like milk and honey." ~Rachel Awes, The Great Green Okayness

This Book This Friend This Moment in life = We all NEED THIS BOOK! 

Yes, it really is about living well. Love More.

The time is NOW. 

This. Goosebumps of truth. 

Beautiful Rachel Awes. Beautiful spirit and soul. Pure Love. Pure Goodness. 

"Trust what your life is showing you. Lean in to who you are becoming. Stay loyal to that and watch your life flow forward like milk and honey." Rachel Awes, The Great Green Okayness.

This book is life changing. This is the book you will high light and read then read again. You will want it on your bedside table. You will want to travel with it. You will lean on it like a new best friend.

Trust that you will become a better YOU! Love more. Love yourself and gift yourself this fine book.

Rachel is knowing of now, mindfully giving and pure grace. I am grateful to be her friend. I love her.
You will too.

The Great Green Okayness is here = http://www.rachelawes.com/

25 March 2016

knowing life is precious. i love you mom.

vintage Virgin Mary card flea market find. graphics by me.

I have not posted in over a month. I realize how very busy my life, studio, creating is. Lately, the past six months or so I have had a huge cloud hanging on me. I know the feeling too well, it is sadness and knowing I do no have the ability to fix it. Life seems to be the most challenging for me when I realize I cannot fix something with kindness and grace.

My mom is very sick. She has been very sick. I try to keep my personal issues separate from my social media world. I am noticing that I can no longer do this, as they are running together in my head day and night.

My mom has a bunch of health issues that are not good. We are now facing the unknown of tremors and loss of some normal things we all take for granted. In two weeks we will go to the University of Iowa and have some tests done that will confirm what we are dealing with.

I am an only child as many of you know. I have moved back to the midwest to be one hour from my mom and dad, as my mom's health has been really bad for the past three years. I am here now. I am ready to be everything and anything I can be for my parents. I am super grateful that my hubby and I are nearby. Lucky.

I have met and faced many challenges in my life. Many so huge I feared not getting to the other side.
I am needing help of prayers and maybe even friends who can hold my hand at times.

My prayers are for the doctors to find what is causing this latest health issue for my mom and to give us all the strength to help her and find that we can help her with medicines.

Time is so precious. I know it everyday when I wake up. Love to all who read my random thoughts.
Thanks for caring. You mean the world to me. I love you Mom.

04 February 2016

believing in myself - not always easy

 Listening to the knowing in my soul is not always easy. I get washed away by what I think I should be creating to try and fit the mold. I am taking a new online class and I found in week one I tried to fit a mold. I never do well trying to fit in. I know better. Today was a very hard day for me. I often rise above the hard stuff beautifully and never share this hard stuff.

I want to be helpful and by being honest with hard moments just might help others? I pray that it does. I am filled at times with self doubt. I tend to believe that if I am not making good money being a graphic designer, illustrator, artist that I am no good. Money should not be able to create this self doubt but, it does. I know to face the fears and do it anyway. I know that if we do what we are called to do we will be rewarded. I have had great success in my life as a graphic designer and illustrator.

Only in the last two years since, I made the decision to mindfully leave the corporate clients behind and march into a new world has it been interesting. Moving three times in the past two years, across the country twice well it has been a whirlwind.

So today I marched through the fears again. I created everything in this post and lots more too. I lost myself in French music (I do not speak French) French music is calming to me. I simply did not think I just created. I am always best if I can just get out of my own way.

I wonder how others face fears. Do you have fears of money and survival? Do you create because for you too it is like breathing? Do you look at friends who seem to have it easy and wonder why is that not me? I wonder.

I do know this I am wildly happy to be alive. I know I am a good person. I know that I will make money doing what I love again. It is my life and boy do I love my life.


31 January 2016

loving life - celebrating moments I am

Pearl Button cherished beyond 

magic when I hold her 

she is pure love 

nothing more real pure light 
This past week was a rush of living life out loud and fully. Friends visiting (who have never been here before). New journey into learning more scheduling and order to my creative days with a very talented mentor and coach. New online class that requires me to be brave, learn more and take more leaps into faith and a knowing in my heart.

Then came an hour of sunshine through the window, fun clothes to play dress up in, layering my pearl necklaces (all gifts from friends) putting a bit of silly on and holding my most precious little Pearl Button.

My hubby grabbing his iphone and snapping some photos of this space and time in my life.

Yes, I am 52 and still learning every single day. Yes, I am aging and changing both inside and out. I work daily at embracing all that I am. Loving me fully for the goodness I know I have. These photos are not retouched or doctored up to look special. For me these photos represent taking a moment in my life to say this, "Kelli you are so blessed to be alive, have love surround you and truly know beauty."

Celebrating the precious everyday. I am trying. It makes a difference. Loving more.


17 December 2015

A Love for the Sea = by me. Published in Somerset Studio

hand painted paper wrapping the journal i created. stitched, layered, painted. 

the cover of my sea journal. completely hand stitched for months with drift wood from the sea.

opening the journal a spread of original mixed media, paintings, words, watercolors, my heart. the love i have.

another spread from my journal of the sea. all pages created on vintage ocean map pages. 

another spread blue moon. layers of tissues, white pen and ink, stitched love. 

another spread. original paintings and words. feather found near the sea. 

detail from one of my art pages. 
cover of the magazine Somerset Studio Jan/Feb 2016 

The opening spread in the magazine. Page 77  Somerset Studio magazine.

I read about submissions for Somerset Studio magazine last summer - this call for artists to submit was called Laguna Teal. I knew this one was for me as I have such a love for the sea.

I was very sick for four months (all summer long) so I stitched a lot. I stitched this cover and each tiny bit that was my underworld sea love. I drew pages and pages of ocean inspired goodies. Then when I was able to walk up to my studio I started painting and stitching more and painting more.
Words came to me, favorite sea songs (Van Morrison) all of this took so much precious time as I was still continuing to heal and have strength to sit up. I continued to create until I had this really large oversized journal of the sea.

The actual art piece is over 11 x 17" inches and there are 12 pieces of art created here. This was the most time I have ever spent creating something to send off and try to be published. It is now published and I am most grateful. I thought it would be fun to show you the spreads and more details. When you are published you never know what they will choose or how it will be photographed. I think it is so much fun to see the entire journal. I hope that you do too.

I am grateful for the months I was recovering and dreaming of the sea. The sea has been so good to me throughout my life. I have always returned to the sea to heal, listen and learn more about me.

My wish is that you see more of me and who I am by reading and looking at my art. Thank you.


14 December 2015

being grateful and giving back tis the season

my biggest sale EVER. happening right now.

custom dream catcher. filled with many layers of beauty.

original painting. layers of dreams and truth found here.

handmade gorgeous. hands stitched tiny bits. vintage linen.

the most beautiful inspired secret treasure box.

a princess crown of love. 

I live my life practicing being grateful. I am grateful just to wake up each day. I do my best to make moments matter. I try hard to give back to others and really to over give (if there is such a thing).

I have said for many many years how I wish that I were independently wealthy and could create for free. I would in a nano second. I am not fortunate to be able to do this. I will keep wishing and doing and perhaps one day this will be so for me.

I build a wildly successful career as a graphic designer and illustrator working for big huge fortune 500 companies for lots of years. Two years ago I decided I wanted a life where I created from me for me. I had a dream where I would create happy and share with this big world. I have mindfully been finding my path to making this happen. I am once again living the life of a struggling artist financially. Hard facts to admit but, so true. I know deep inside that this will change. I will find the right people in the perfect time and space who will notice my talents, my passion and my desire to make a difference in some small way in this big world.

I am empowered to make this happen as I see it in my soul when I rest at night. I am driven when I wake each day to work harder, create more pure art and be seen.  I am not meant to worry about money each day. I am meant to share and give and then love more.

I think by being open and honest about my life I can inspire and help others. This is my wish. This is my gift that sits inside my heart patiently waiting to shine.

I am grateful for this time in my life to be able to create for me and try with all of my might to be seen. I am grateful to all of my friends and kindred spirits who follow me. I never ever take any of this for granted.

Loving more every single day. I am.


29 November 2015

believing in something with my whole heart. the great green okayness.

Rachel Awes

"The Great Green Okayness: A Field Guide to Seeing Your Uncommon Magnificence"

I have never blogged about another artist, writer, inspiration in my life before. I felt the need to do so with this new book by Rachel Awes. She has created another wonderful life helpful book and it is loving to the core.

I have a strong passion to spread more love and light in this big world. I am finding that like souls are just showing up that have a similar love. I am noticing that some of my friends are fields in front of me with actual physical books done (love this) I know in my heart that my little inspirational book is just waiting for my focus and attention. One day soon I shall have a trusty loved filled book. Yes, this is how passion + art + sharing work.

Rachel has created a magic filled indigogo campaign that is ending on the 4th of December. Super duper soon. I would love to have lots of my friends who share this passion for living take a peek and read about this most inspiring book. See link below.

One of the actual written endorsements = The Great Green Okayness is a field guide to discovering the beautiful wildlife within, infused with a dollop of nourishing honey and delectable color. Wise author and artist Rachel Awes, a psychologist of twenty years, created these works of the magnificent human heart from her reflections following client sessions. Each passage and corresponding artwork speak to the soul like a potent, powerful reduction of boiled-down truth and goodness that every one of us needs daily, a homecoming gift to our humanity. Open to any page and find the passage that you need now. From the African plain to the great cosmos, Awes takes her readers on a journey to discover the beauty around, within, and always.

I am always honored that you show up here in this space. Thank you. Love love love to you.

This is the trusty link to take you to indiegogo and read more.


love more. 

05 November 2015

loving your life even when it is hard

she loved with her soul. i do.

she loved. she loved more. i do.

see the world. see the blessings.

Lately I've been thinking about my life and all that it is. I am forever grateful to be alive. I am giddy to be surrounded in my studio with creative loves and passions. I am thankful that I know what I want in my world. These are huge things. Really big things.

I suffer from anxiety. I know lots of creative people have this challenge. Sometimes in my life it is a much bigger challenge then others. I world very hard at being mindful of precious life.  I know the triggers that haunt me. I want to help others live a more happy filled up good life. I want to take all of the hard lessons that I have walked through and use them for good. This is my purpose. I know it.

I have overcome really big tough hard lessons to be in this very space and time. I am spilling open my secrets of what makes me = me. My reason is to help, to be a source of goodness that just might make another person say - yes, this is good and I am good.

I have changed so much in my life in the past two years to be in my studio and to create for me.
I have let go of huge corporate clients to follow my passion yet again. I am left with the ability to create so many things. I can design, illustrate, paint, stitch, see beauty in the simple ways of life.
Now I need to be able to earn an income from these talents I have. Sure I have money to live.
Honestly, I want and need enough money to feel safe again. Really safe. I often think that I have been so lucky to live how can I want for more. It feels good to share with you that I want the ability to feel safe and have enough money to not have the fear.

I am motivated daily by the sheer will of bringing goodness on a large scale to the world. It is not an easy thing to do I know but, I feel it is my calling. So I bravely (with all of my anxieties) march on.
I fill myself up everyday when I wake up and I share, I create, I send packages out to the people who might see me. I pray and I believe.

Yes, I might be shaken or afraid but, I believe with my whole heart that I am here in this world to make a difference. I will.


21 October 2015

i paint, i draw, i write every single day. i wake up and do it all over again. i believe.

my world in bits

my world in living color

my world in layers

my world inside my head

my world is happy
I have such a huge dream for my life. I realize I wake up and repeat what I did the day before. Sure I shake it up and change routine around but, really I wake up and create all day long. I am driven by a need to share, give and seriously know personal achievements. I look back on my life and zoom through all of the creating I have done both personally and in my career. I think to myself what drives me so much. Answer I know what I want and I am not there yet.

I adore color, layers, vintage, pattern, inks, paints, pencils, sketching, details in everything. I want to share my passions big, like really BIG. So I am dreaming huge. Bigger then feels comfortable at times. I push through the fears, the odd feeling that sometimes visits. I know that I am going to get to this place I dream and work for. I can see it. I can hear the conversations. I know it like I know myself.

So I keep showing up. I keep creating. I keep being grateful for the ability to wake up and have my life. I know that I am lucky to be full of passions and ideas. I am very very blessed.

We are all blessed with a knowing. Listen to yours and then charge ahead. Never to late to join in your dreams.

find more of my life right here in my new website

12 October 2015

At the end of each day HOPE remains.

layers coming together to build my house of hope

big world. big dreams. big climbing.

at the end of each day HOPE remains.

details matter to me.
I have been thinking lots about hope, dreams, reality versus what I can actually make happen.
Yes, lots of big thoughts. I have been spilling out the journey of listening to my heart and painting. Painting like there is no tomorrow. No real direction just spilling, etching, carving, layering, scratching the surfaces of what hope means to me.

Lately, I think hope means to wake up and try my best to put direction into my day. I have so many creative energies pulling me. I know that my card line is waiting patiently for me to have it be seen by more stores. I know that I have been healing physically for months and continue to heal. I am surprised by how having shingles and nerve pain has altered my life. I am grateful that at the end of each day HOPE does remain powerful for me. I am driven by the power of hope. The listening of who I am and who I need to be.

I am about to walk into unknown adventures again. Clinging to the hope I feel inside and the knowing I am meant to be seen. Daily I crave sharing goodness, happy and really making a difference. Surrounding myself with every good intention I can muster up. Grateful as ever.


24 September 2015

wide open land. wide open life. keep dreaming.

oh this. memories for me. dreams that still need nurtured.
land. fields. trees. barns. gravel. space.
my little family dreaming with me. hubby and pearl button.
I often write about how fast time dashes by. Seems like I can blink and one month is gone. I have been searching, dreaming, moving, reaching, building, working so hard for the past two years. I know the only way to achieve all that I need to fill my soul up is to work really hard and focus. Lessons that I have know most of my life. Listening to my heart. Listening to the voices that speak the loudest to me. Listening to this art filled life of mine that keeps me inspired, keeps me loving big, keeps me pushing.

Dreams are funny things. I know that dreams only come true with tons of hard work. I have had so many of my dreams come true. Seems funny I can still want more, I do. I want what I know is inside of me just waiting to SHINE out.  I stumble, I flat out fall but, I get back up and keep pushing the mountains aside.

Drive. I sometimes ask myself - where does my drive come from? Is it just survival? No, not for me.
I want to thrive in giving love. I want to share my messages of hope, surviving, dreaming big and creating a life well lived.

Hard lessons only push me harder. I pray to be a light for others.

Why the pictures of this farm and land? Right now in this time and space the rolling hills, the green grass, gravel roads, crickets singing, grasshoppers hopping and mind stopping beauty has my heart.
I wonder do I need to be out in the midst of 20 acres creating, retreating and making my biggest dream come true?

Come with me and see this adventure that is wide open. Grateful to be noticing my days with grace and appreciation. Never ever take your life for granted. You are precious.

http://www.kellimaykrenz.com/ my new website where you can learn more about my life and my art.

31 August 2015

lessons i continue to learn. being grateful.

new painting + illustration + words = truth

stitching sacred hearts = first class with Brave Girl University

two very helpful tips for dealing with nerve damage (for me)

so proud of be a part of this. crazy life changing goodness.
I know we all learn lessons every single day. Sometimes it is easy to be so busy we really do not see all of these lessons. I am writing to share two big things in my life that are both teaching me daily lessons. I am showing up and ready to learn, grow and heal. One is my journey with shingle nerve pain and the second is my gift of being a teacher at Brave Girl University.

Many of you know that I have been suffering from shingles and lasting nerve pain since the first of June. It hit me hard once I returned home from the National Stationery Show in NYC. I have created an entire body of 90 greeting cards, art prints and a grown up coloring book. I am just waiting patiently to share with the world. It has been so very hard to wait. Seeing all of my friends who were there grow and grow their companies. I lay and rest and heal and pray. Wanting to launch my world of creative.

I have also been trying with all of my might to create (with my brilliant hubby) a website that will help others peek inside my world. To connect in a very big way with a shop and lots of creative works to inspire others. My site will be up and kickin' this week. Fingers crossed.

I have been blessed by being asked to teach classes at Brave Girl University.  I am really honored because so many of the other teachers are people I admire so very much. I am still blown away that I am one of these teachers. The world opens up tomorrow with the launch of Brave Girl University. Unfortunately I am not able to have my class ready on day one. It will not be too late but, never the less it will be a bit late. Again, I bow to the nerve pain and give in and rest. Praying for healing constantly.

I am not one to give in or give up and as hard as it is I try not to complain. I am actually glad that it is me and no one that I know as it is the most horrible kind of crippling pain. I continue to create and learn lessons while doing my very best to beat this nerve pain.

Please forgive my tardy class not starting tomorrow. It will be worth the wait. Promise.
I have a series of over 12 classes that I will be preparing to keep Brave Girl University and me happy.

Thank you for your love, prayers, gifts, wishes and goodness you bring to my world. 

Join me at Brave Girl University