18 August 2014

Grateful as can be = lucky me lucky me

Somerset Studio Article = my passion for presentation

yes, my heart flipped with joy.

counting my blessings daily = knowing my passion

loving this article so grateful
Today was a most lovely day when I opened my mailbox. I always love getting the mail. I am not even so concerned with what's in the mailbox I just love the thought of what might be waiting. I love seeing hand writing, notes, papers. It is always a surprise even when it is a bill. I always love walking to the mailbox. Imagine my glee when I opened it today and waiting for me was this treasure Somerset Studio Magazine with an article on me. Yippee.

I have been marching towards lots of dreams this past year. Blazing new trails and facing fears like a crazy person. Knowing my heart and what I love. I am so lucky to have always known I was born to create. I feel very grateful that a sweet talented women Jana found my blog and my artwork. I have always been going to submit art. I even have it on my vision board for this year. Super karma at work Stampington found me.

I ended up sending Jana my piece of art that she liked from my blog with a how to. This artwork will be features in Art Apprentice September 2014. Super duper lucky that I packaged the art in my most happy pants fashion (I simply adore packaging, wrapping and all of the details you can add to a treat)

So not only will I have my piece of art published soon but, they loved my packaging so here it is in Somerset Studio.

I am noticing the shift of love for what I create in myself. I am more gracious with my knowing my path is right in the perfect time and space.

Bonus, I love the color orange and it is happily all over this article. He he he!!!


03 August 2014

so flipping excited about jumping in

mixing it up. i have been my entire life.

knowing simple can be stunning.

appreciating every little thing i can.
So flipping excited this week on the 5th Tuesday.  I will be getting an assignment from the 2014 Lilla Rogers Global Talent Search. I am thrilled to be jumping in with 10,000 plus other artists around the world. I know that I am meant to be seen in this world as Kelli May-Krenz. Blasting out with a full heart of knowing that this life is meant to be walked with pride and living full out.

Yes, I want to be in the top 50 you bet. I want each and every assignment. I want to show myself that I have arrived to the table of "noticing". Yes, I want to be noticed for my art, my giddy positive joy that fills me up each day when I am lucky enough to wake up and create.

So on this fine Sunday eve I am super happy to be looking at this fine week and celebrating on the 5th = the day I get my first assignment.

Let's go. Let's play. Let's create. Let's know that sharing creative energy is pure raw goodness!!!


30 July 2014

holding this place in my heart that is knowing

my mothers garden flowers are incredible

zinnias that are super huge and beautiful

the flowers are beautiful and everywhere

dads tomatoes are wonderful. simply perfect.

picture my mom took of me on our bike ride in Camanche by the Mississippi river
Happy Summer. It is rolling strong. I just came back to our home in sunny Florida after two weeks in my hometown of Camanche - right on the Mississippi river.

Funny I love the ocean and all of her magic. I found after traveling home to the midwest I miss it lots.

There is something about feeling grounded, rooted and having a real sense of community. I miss that.

Interesting how life takes us full circle. I have lived in many states since leaving home and going to collage. I have enjoyed my adventures and the person I have become. I have a deep knowing of the life I need to have now. That is a gift.

Now to grab all of my knowing and make my soul feel rooted. This is another big leap and I will continue to share my walk bravely and with a positive light all around.

Enjoy each moment. They change so quickly.

06 July 2014

golds, teals, strength, candlelight to hold me close = knowing

my love of layers comes honestly = i pull from my deepest loves in life when i create.

painting with gold, torn edges much like life = shiny at times others not.

wood, golds, blues, soft lights, beautiful home = important to my being 

crystals, sturdy wings to carry me, golden bowls to dip in, candlelight to light my way

golden horses some of my most precious treasures. running strong.
painting ocean inspired. going deep into knowing my heart.

milagros = one of my very first loves.
The month of July has always been a special one for me. As my birthday is the 15th of July. I grew up in a tiny river town in Iowa. Lucky to have 5 girlfriends who were my friends from age 3 until now. I also grew up with a great love for water. Living 1 block from the mighty Mississippi river and we had a pool in my backyard (above ground and perfect) I have always found water most healing.

Noticing these days what I surround myself as I find my path. Golden hues, watery teals, rich strong elements (crystals, stones, metals, woods) Knowing that these are pieces of myself I long for and work daily to have = strength, stability, a strong nest to live in.

I am creating daily (like always). I continue to pour my soul into each art filled creation that comes from my studio. I am inspired by a deeper knowing, that creating art is my breathe, my freedom to be all that I can possibly be in this big world. Shine. Shine. Shine.

Knowing that wherever I go I long to shine and share light and goodness.

Always grateful for yet another day to wake up and fly further.


25 June 2014

a little dog named Pearl Button building a brand Pearl

Pearl Button hits 500 on her facebook page!!! woof woof wag!!!

Pearl is most concerned with happy, joy and lifting others up.

sure we collect lots of pearl buttons around us

Pearl Button starting to talk about her love for life.

tiny world, hearts, milagros, shells, handmade love surrounds us.
For the past year we have been marching toward a dream of branding loving and creating a world around our little jrt Pearl Button = all 12 pounds of her precious. She inspires us daily to give more love, share more goodness, be more silly, goofy and happy. We have just hit a milestone on facebook of hitting 500 likes for this little genuine soul.

Our next big hit is July. Mid July we will have a line of Pearl Button inspiring cards to offer to the world. We are wicked excited. Studio has been a buzz with ordering supplies, getting all of our cards to production and printing. Yes, we are doing it  and it feels terrific.

Personally I always want to come for a place of inspiring others to dream big.

Some dreams take a long time to find and own = they are so worth your time.

Thank you for finding our corner of the world. We invite you to come along with us. We are soaring high and would love for you to be with us.

13 June 2014

facing fears and growing = grateful for this journey

Up Level Your Business with Christine Kane in Atlanta held at The W Midtown

My talented artist friend E'Layne who gifted me this journey.

Adding to the "I WILL STOP" board. I have 30 days to do this.

my picture with Christine Kane. crazy inspiring and beautiful soul.

Christine Kane on stage. Tireless and inspiring beyond.

me on the flight home. feeling inspired and grateful

Up Level Your Business Binder - filled up with smarts
Funny as we start facing our fears we grow stronger, braver, more real. I am gratefully gushing about the journey I just came home from. I was gifted a wonderful business coaching conference in Atlanta Georgia - three really intense (super great) long 9 in the morning until 9:30 at night. Up Level your Business with Christine Kane. Sessions on what life can be for me.

I am learning to claim my place as an artist, designer who is meant to spread messages of giddy gladness, hope, inspiration and love. I am strongly marching this path. I have been needing a source of systems, of letting go of habits that have never served me and really honestly just doing it. Even if at times (there have been many) it feels risky or scary. Well I can proudly say this was one of the biggest missing pieces for me. I have learned so very much about ME and what I need to bust through this and soar.

I look forward to soaring. I look forward to new systems in my studio. I look forward to getting all of my designs printed and putting them out into the world. I look forward to being published many times in the next several months in magazines I have dreamed of. I look forward to spreading all of the most lovely of intentions with all of you.

Thank you e'Layne. Blessings arrive in the most unexpected ways = you are wonderful and gracious and so good.

Thanks to Christine Kane for delivering messages that really make a lifestyle change and matter most.

Now I will prove to myself that I am worthy, I am good enough, I can do this all day long.

So grateful for each day = me.



23 May 2014

discovering what makes me tick = again.

mixed giddy = inks, acrylics, pens, tapes, coffee stained papers illustration

pen and ink, acrylic inks, torn papers, illustration

a section of larger piece = inks, acrylics, pen and ink, oil pastels = illustration

torn pages, acrylics, pen and ink, inner most thoughts = illustration

Sometimes you get really lucky when you dream big. For me it was to move across the country and create, create, create. Well we celebrate one year of moving and boy have i learned SO MUCH. Grateful for these lessons = some very hard.

I have found my place of creating that is real, all me, no holding back, putting it all out there.
It feels great.

Now i can create the cards, the books, get the publishers (good news on this note), find the licensed folks that are a perfect fit for me, and so it goes. I am creating more packages of my art and sending to the dream folks = loving the process.

My dream is BIG and i am marching fearless (okay, still fears at times) Staying true to me.
Supported by my hubby who believes in me big time. I love that in my life.

Color, embracing all of life, giving more, taking less, opening up to feel everything. Its all good. Thanks for following my life here on my simple little blog.

Blessed beyond and knowing.

19 May 2014

Pearl Button our tiny JRT turns 4 today = love sweet love

Pearl Button laying in her birthday hat, tired of photo shoot.

just starting out the photo shoot. not digging the hat and ear combo.

Pearl Button does not often get people food. So the cupcake was planted with puppy treats on top.

i just love how blown out the colors are on this one.
Today our little dog Pearl Button turns 4. Oh how very grateful I am to be loved by her. She is just the sweetest most precious silly little dog. My husband and I are goofy nuts about her. We have both always had big dogs. She is our first little dog who thinks she is a lab or Siberian Husky. Her two older sisters who are now at the meatloaf buffet in heaven trained her. I love that she has habits and skills of her older sisters. Thank you Clover and Nattie for all the love and training.

I have never had children so I am nutso about my little dogs. I have mad passion for dogs always have always will. I feel that if more people could be like a dog the better life might be. I love the honesty, the silly good happy always, no judgements, just love = pure sweet love.

Today we are celebrating Pearl Button. Actually, we celebrate her daily. Today she just wears the silly hat.

Love you sweet little girl. Happy Birthday.

12 May 2014

A traveling blog post of sorts = starts with me

this picture of me reminds me to always have hope

knowing i can be surprised and grateful always

knowing i am so blessed and lucky = everyday

one mountain moved to live by the ocean = grateful daily me

i have crazy goofy love for dogs. they are my kiddos. Pearl Button. Oh my.
So I was asked by my dear talented friend Deb Taylor to answer these four questions and pass on
the blogging to other friends - all of us answering the same four questions.
She has inspired me in little and big ways she does not even know. Thank you Deb. http://diddebdoit.blogspot.com

So here is my list of questions to answer and pass on.
Then I will have some friends of mine do the same. Answer 4 questions and pass it on the blog wave.

I have thought a lot about what having a blog means to me. I would tell you this = it feels like a way to put good energy into the world. I am not always sure what to write or show and tell. I do know that when I sit down to create a new post something always spills out of me. I know that I am on a good path, for now that is plenty good.

Question 1. What are you currently working on? I am currently working on a line of greeting cards inspired by my love for dogs, living a grateful life, being silly, spreading kindness and joy. I am also passionate about getting published in a list of magazines I have listed on my vision board. I also want to be licensed this year with a line of products (paper, totes, wall decor) that I create. These are big dreams and I am going for them all at once. Knocking down fears one by one. Easy absolutely not but, worth it. Loving the energy I am putting into all of this mad crazy creating.

Question 2. How does your work differ from others in its genre? My work has always been full of layers that are just around. I am not a big fan of going to purchase extra special supplies to make my art happen. I use what is around me. I find that the less I worry about purchasing perfect supplies the better I do. I also almost always use vintage stuff. I love knowing papers have had a past and using them to create with. I also always start with good energy and intentions. I only want to make happy, creating from a place of love.

Question 3. Why do you write/create what you do? This is the easiest one of all. Creating for me is like breathing. It keeps me alive. Creating fills me up. Creating makes me whole. Creating is really very selfish for me = I honestly know no other way to live. I love it!!!

Question 4. How does your creating/process work? I make an outline of what my desire is to end with. If I work for a client I go through the list of needs and fill them as creatively pushed as possible. When creating for myself, I tend to feel moments in time and just paint, ink, draw, stitch, tear paper, stitch more. I have so many styles to my work - the one common piece would be layers. Much like life I am layered, my work is layered.

Now is when I post about another blog.
I am introducing a childhood friend of mine Monica Powell Pugh. I have know Monica since I was a very little girl. We grew up playing together - dolls, hide and seek, birthday parties in my pool every summer, listening to music on her parents houseboat. We attended grade school through high school together. Then we both attended Iowa State University. We both went our own ways. One thing remained a friendship. A history and love. Here is her blog - she is super talented and you will be inspired by her life and her talents. enjoy. 

11 May 2014

sacred mother = a love like no other

mom and me on the right with my little cousin (one of my best friends) Tracy I think we liked our shoes.

me at three with my stylish mom and grandpa

love you to the moon and back mom - oh how i loved skipper

thank you mom for letting me find and follow my wings
Happy Mothers Day mom. Today is just one day out of 365 that I give thanks for the life you continue to give me. I became all that I am with your spirit, love and lessons. I continue daily to know more, give more and be grateful for all of the creativity you allowed in my world.

I grew up an only child. I can honestly say (you do not miss what you do not have) I was always surrounded by 4 friends who felt like my sisters. I was blessed growing up surrounded by creativity.
Mom was always decorating, playing music (records) nurturing plants, hanging laundry to dry on the clothes line by the lilac trees, splashing around with me in the pool (oh how i love water) and allowed to find my own style (even if it was vintage) ha.

I have always been given the freedom to walk my path. Always walked the life of an artist. No judgement (even when my mom and dad might not have know exactly what being a professional graphic designer met) I was given the support to go to college and to thrive in my art.

Thank you for continuing to fine awe in what I create. Thank you for following my life passions with me. This is my year to shine so bright, to get the noticing for my art to change my world. Thank you for being my mom. Easy not always but, forever worth the lessons. Oh, how I cherish you Mom.

Happy Mothers Day = Sacred love like no other.

08 May 2014

shaken and grateful = strength

layered, painted. stitched, vintage. designed = me grateful as can be.
This past week I have been shaken to my core. I have had faith and hope to search for and know it would fill me. I have been blessed beyond by the love of friends and soul connections. Prayers were answered (they always are) in ways that I could not have guessed.

I am so incredibly happy to know that creating and living my life as a designer and artist keeps me alive = mind, body and soul.

Sometimes it is good to be shaken. Sometimes it is okay to be raw and ask for help. We learn so much about ourselves, if we listen and really pay attention.

I am here paying listening, creating and pouring more of me into all I do.

Grateful for strength and love sweet love. Knowing. Noticing. Doing the best everyday that I can.

02 May 2014

the knowing i have = stronger then ever

collage and painting with pen and ink and gold leaf vintage book pages 

tiny tags tea stained stitches with vintage laces also stained hand written love

vintage fabric, illustration, pen and ink illustration, quotes, collage

vintage paper collage, painting, illustration, stitching, words that have meaning, nature

embellished box by me = adore giving gifts

illustration, pen and ink, words that change focus, threads
today a dream came true for me. loving the journey my past and present are giving me. it is so very easy to get caught up in the now. i do it. everyone does. knowing in my heart that the more love and goodness and following what is given to me (thank God) is a lesson i continue to examine and learn.

i am grateful for my life. in ways some of you will never know. i have walked dark stuff with a tiny light beaming. i have shared, given, loved and will continue to move these mountains. i know i can help others move mountains too. i know it with my heart and soul.

feeling grateful for the goodness that is in my soul.

create. create. create. and then create more. it is all waiting. i know it.