05 November 2015

loving your life even when it is hard

she loved with her soul. i do.

she loved. she loved more. i do.

see the world. see the blessings.

Lately I've been thinking about my life and all that it is. I am forever grateful to be alive. I am giddy to be surrounded in my studio with creative loves and passions. I am thankful that I know what I want in my world. These are huge things. Really big things.

I suffer from anxiety. I know lots of creative people have this challenge. Sometimes in my life it is a much bigger challenge then others. I world very hard at being mindful of precious life.  I know the triggers that haunt me. I want to help others live a more happy filled up good life. I want to take all of the hard lessons that I have walked through and use them for good. This is my purpose. I know it.

I have overcome really big tough hard lessons to be in this very space and time. I am spilling open my secrets of what makes me = me. My reason is to help, to be a source of goodness that just might make another person say - yes, this is good and I am good.

I have changed so much in my life in the past two years to be in my studio and to create for me.
I have let go of huge corporate clients to follow my passion yet again. I am left with the ability to create so many things. I can design, illustrate, paint, stitch, see beauty in the simple ways of life.
Now I need to be able to earn an income from these talents I have. Sure I have money to live.
Honestly, I want and need enough money to feel safe again. Really safe. I often think that I have been so lucky to live how can I want for more. It feels good to share with you that I want the ability to feel safe and have enough money to not have the fear.

I am motivated daily by the sheer will of bringing goodness on a large scale to the world. It is not an easy thing to do I know but, I feel it is my calling. So I bravely (with all of my anxieties) march on.
I fill myself up everyday when I wake up and I share, I create, I send packages out to the people who might see me. I pray and I believe.

Yes, I might be shaken or afraid but, I believe with my whole heart that I am here in this world to make a difference. I will.


21 October 2015

i paint, i draw, i write every single day. i wake up and do it all over again. i believe.

my world in bits

my world in living color

my world in layers

my world inside my head

my world is happy
I have such a huge dream for my life. I realize I wake up and repeat what I did the day before. Sure I shake it up and change routine around but, really I wake up and create all day long. I am driven by a need to share, give and seriously know personal achievements. I look back on my life and zoom through all of the creating I have done both personally and in my career. I think to myself what drives me so much. Answer I know what I want and I am not there yet.

I adore color, layers, vintage, pattern, inks, paints, pencils, sketching, details in everything. I want to share my passions big, like really BIG. So I am dreaming huge. Bigger then feels comfortable at times. I push through the fears, the odd feeling that sometimes visits. I know that I am going to get to this place I dream and work for. I can see it. I can hear the conversations. I know it like I know myself.

So I keep showing up. I keep creating. I keep being grateful for the ability to wake up and have my life. I know that I am lucky to be full of passions and ideas. I am very very blessed.

We are all blessed with a knowing. Listen to yours and then charge ahead. Never to late to join in your dreams.

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12 October 2015

At the end of each day HOPE remains.

layers coming together to build my house of hope

big world. big dreams. big climbing.

at the end of each day HOPE remains.

details matter to me.
I have been thinking lots about hope, dreams, reality versus what I can actually make happen.
Yes, lots of big thoughts. I have been spilling out the journey of listening to my heart and painting. Painting like there is no tomorrow. No real direction just spilling, etching, carving, layering, scratching the surfaces of what hope means to me.

Lately, I think hope means to wake up and try my best to put direction into my day. I have so many creative energies pulling me. I know that my card line is waiting patiently for me to have it be seen by more stores. I know that I have been healing physically for months and continue to heal. I am surprised by how having shingles and nerve pain has altered my life. I am grateful that at the end of each day HOPE does remain powerful for me. I am driven by the power of hope. The listening of who I am and who I need to be.

I am about to walk into unknown adventures again. Clinging to the hope I feel inside and the knowing I am meant to be seen. Daily I crave sharing goodness, happy and really making a difference. Surrounding myself with every good intention I can muster up. Grateful as ever.


24 September 2015

wide open land. wide open life. keep dreaming.

oh this. memories for me. dreams that still need nurtured.
land. fields. trees. barns. gravel. space.
my little family dreaming with me. hubby and pearl button.
I often write about how fast time dashes by. Seems like I can blink and one month is gone. I have been searching, dreaming, moving, reaching, building, working so hard for the past two years. I know the only way to achieve all that I need to fill my soul up is to work really hard and focus. Lessons that I have know most of my life. Listening to my heart. Listening to the voices that speak the loudest to me. Listening to this art filled life of mine that keeps me inspired, keeps me loving big, keeps me pushing.

Dreams are funny things. I know that dreams only come true with tons of hard work. I have had so many of my dreams come true. Seems funny I can still want more, I do. I want what I know is inside of me just waiting to SHINE out.  I stumble, I flat out fall but, I get back up and keep pushing the mountains aside.

Drive. I sometimes ask myself - where does my drive come from? Is it just survival? No, not for me.
I want to thrive in giving love. I want to share my messages of hope, surviving, dreaming big and creating a life well lived.

Hard lessons only push me harder. I pray to be a light for others.

Why the pictures of this farm and land? Right now in this time and space the rolling hills, the green grass, gravel roads, crickets singing, grasshoppers hopping and mind stopping beauty has my heart.
I wonder do I need to be out in the midst of 20 acres creating, retreating and making my biggest dream come true?

Come with me and see this adventure that is wide open. Grateful to be noticing my days with grace and appreciation. Never ever take your life for granted. You are precious.

http://www.kellimaykrenz.com/ my new website where you can learn more about my life and my art.

31 August 2015

lessons i continue to learn. being grateful.

new painting + illustration + words = truth

stitching sacred hearts = first class with Brave Girl University

two very helpful tips for dealing with nerve damage (for me)

so proud of be a part of this. crazy life changing goodness.
I know we all learn lessons every single day. Sometimes it is easy to be so busy we really do not see all of these lessons. I am writing to share two big things in my life that are both teaching me daily lessons. I am showing up and ready to learn, grow and heal. One is my journey with shingle nerve pain and the second is my gift of being a teacher at Brave Girl University.

Many of you know that I have been suffering from shingles and lasting nerve pain since the first of June. It hit me hard once I returned home from the National Stationery Show in NYC. I have created an entire body of 90 greeting cards, art prints and a grown up coloring book. I am just waiting patiently to share with the world. It has been so very hard to wait. Seeing all of my friends who were there grow and grow their companies. I lay and rest and heal and pray. Wanting to launch my world of creative.

I have also been trying with all of my might to create (with my brilliant hubby) a website that will help others peek inside my world. To connect in a very big way with a shop and lots of creative works to inspire others. My site will be up and kickin' this week. Fingers crossed.

I have been blessed by being asked to teach classes at Brave Girl University.  I am really honored because so many of the other teachers are people I admire so very much. I am still blown away that I am one of these teachers. The world opens up tomorrow with the launch of Brave Girl University. Unfortunately I am not able to have my class ready on day one. It will not be too late but, never the less it will be a bit late. Again, I bow to the nerve pain and give in and rest. Praying for healing constantly.

I am not one to give in or give up and as hard as it is I try not to complain. I am actually glad that it is me and no one that I know as it is the most horrible kind of crippling pain. I continue to create and learn lessons while doing my very best to beat this nerve pain.

Please forgive my tardy class not starting tomorrow. It will be worth the wait. Promise.
I have a series of over 12 classes that I will be preparing to keep Brave Girl University and me happy.

Thank you for your love, prayers, gifts, wishes and goodness you bring to my world. 

Join me at Brave Girl University 

03 August 2015

online classes with me + brave girls university = dream come true

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Brave Girl University - Brave Girls Club + Me = Beyond Grateful ME
So many layers of my life coming together in one sacred circle of love.

i will teach how to create sacred hearts.

i will teach journal spilling. my unique way of grateful gushing.

i will teach wrapping using your style. i will teach sacred jewelry.

i will teach creating your own envelopes. stitched love.

i will teach journal spilling with layers of the thing you love. 
Life is so full of goodness and wild crazy winding roads. We travel up so high and sometimes very low too. We do our best daily. We love with all of the strength we have. We want, we need, we share and we breathe every single day. In hopes that our life can fill up and make us happy.

I believe with my whole heart that living is a practice of loving and letting go. Letting go of the stuff that no longer serves us. Loving ourselves more and each other more.

I am beyond blessed (and believe me I know it) to be included with a body of insanely talented wise souls who will be launching Brave Girl University. Really I am humbled with passion and glee.

I will be teaching many many online classes as one of the affiliate teachers for Brave Girls University.
I have much to share and am giddy to be able to do so in such a global way.

I promise to be mindful of my classes and content. Knowing for me it really is about noticing the tiny details that make up a day, sharing ourselves with open abundance, being grateful for another new day to try again, love more and really shine in our best self.

I intend to spill open as much love as humanly possible in this forum. Join me and so many many many insanely talented souls here at Brave Girl University. I have a personal link you can easily click on below that will SAVE YOUR SPOT.

love sweet love. i am so happy we are all here in this very space and time. love you kelli.

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21 July 2015

my summer of learning and listening

stitch. pray. heal.

finding delight in the tiny details. every single day.
Wow it has been over one month since I have blogged. I have been living in a sort of constant days and nights rolling into one month of time. This is my summer of fighting shingles. Fighting is not the best word to use when describing non stop pain. I usually try to surround everything in my body with love and positive words. Lately I've been feeling like this really is a fight to survive with my mental goodness. I am not good at resting non stop. I like to do things. I love adventures and outings and finding unexpected fun.

This is a time in my life to learn lessons about healing, about myself and really listen. I am not sure I am really good at this listening part. I am practicing on getting better at it daily.

I have been stitching a great deal as I can rest and still create. I often write that creating is like breathing to me. I must do it. So I have found a way to create even while healing. I am so grateful for this.

My days are getting better as I do have more energy then I did one month ago. I know that good things take time. My healing is a very good thing so I will surround this time with as much love as I know how to.

I have been extremely blessed with the love from others. Prayers are being heard and I am most thankful. I will continue to create each day in the ways that I can hoping that my dreams will continue to grow and the mountains I need to climb will be waiting for me.

Looking forward to life after shingle pain.

17 June 2015

What I've learned from having shingles = so far

What I'm learning through constant pain, exhaustion and being mostly in bed with shingles.

I have known to appreciate life and live fully every moment. To really love the gift of life and how precious each day is.  I've learned many hard lessons. I've seen my life change in one single flash several times. I've watched a loved friend die in seconds next to me. I've been surprised with a renal artery aneurysm and told I might not survive, best to make my plans and prepare before my surgery. 
I've seen long time friendships blow away when they didn't like my happy attitude and positive outlook on life. 

I've said for years that any given moment can change your life. I know with my whole heart this is true. I also believe your life can change with amazing goodness in one moment as well. I met and married my husband in ten days. We have now been married over 8 years. I've never had children so my dogs have always been my fur babies. I know the pure love + happiness these babies bring to my world are gifts. Every single day little Pearl Button surprises me with moments of joy. 

Being down and healing with insanely painful shingles makes me be very still. I'm not able to create. Creating is like breathing for me. I feel lost without it. I pray for moments to sit up and create anything. I've started stitching by hand a little which is calming and meditation for me.

I'm always aware of being grateful. I'm grateful for having a great doctor. I'm grateful for our health insurance. I'm super lucky to live in Galena where new friends care for me and have embraced me with genuine kindness. I'm grateful for all of the unconditional love that surrounds me from friends both old and new. I am loved. I am cherished. I am wildly blessed. 

So what are some new lessons that I'm learning while healing from shingles? 

Mostly I really need to practice balance and manage my stress better. 

Letting go of internal struggles that I keep dragging around with me. Like extra heavy bags that have never served me. 

So my action plan is this. Writing down steps and looking at how I can architect my life to fill it up with more moments that love me and my soul. Practicing leaving behind the fears of not knowing and trying to control these. Most of my fears center around not being able to earn the income I once had with my new lines of ME (knowing I must do what I love). I have fear around not being able to control my mothers chronic health issues. Some of these fears are realistic and some are just mind traps I've fallen into.

Being mindful. Having new affirmations surround me. 

For now I'm going to continue resting until this horrible pain leaves my body. I know that my mind is healing as well. I will be gifted with a new fresh daily outlook on balance and self love. I know that there are many more gifts I'm being given right now in this space and time that will come to me. I will process as they show up❤️ I plan to welcome each one and make friends with them so I can continue to love more, to live more fully and to be balanced in my heart and soul. 

Practicing the fine art of noticing, knowing and making a difference every single day! 

28 May 2015

the path i followed = how dreams grew for me.

90 cards arrived from printer = excitement overload

build a booth exactly like the one in NYC in our living room

Rent a van and drive across the country to NYC

National Stationery Show booth BEFORE

Get lucky and have 2 cards chosen for BEST NEW PRODUCT categories

FINISHED BOOTH before the crowds arrive.

View from our living room. We are home.
Two years ago this May I had a dream to create my own line of greeting cards, paper products and showcase them in NYC at the National Stationery Show. In order to make this happen I would need money. So after loving my home of 17 years my hubby and I decided to sell it. Get the equity out of the home and start fresh with dreams. We moved to Sarasota FL with big hopes of starting this path of dog inspired goods. We tried but, this was not to be our place. We moved to Siesta Key (not far from our first rental but, close to the #1 beach in the USA) thinking this would be the connection. Nope. So we stayed for a little over one year and moved to a city I have been smitten with since I was in 6th grade, Galena IL.

We arrived in Galena in October. In Dec I  sent samples of my artwork to the National Stationery Show division called Fresh ( a jury picks who gets in ) I got in. Starting in Jan I thought I best get busy and start designing this line.

In four months I designed over 90 cards - all illustrated, painted, hand lettering, designed by me. I had no assistants (my hubby and my parents) I paid no one to help me with all of this creative and work except one person at the last minute (I hired a darling writer to write my press release) impossible for me to write about myself. He he he.

I cannot begin to tell you the amount of endless days went into this creation of Pearl Button's World.

I showed up in NYC I faced my anxieties of being in front of my creative. No panic attacks. Hard stuff for me. I did it. I was present and gracious and thrilled to be standing in my dream. Yes, at times it was surreal and overwhelming to think of all it took to be standing there in that time and space.

The show went really well for me. I have several good orders from shops that really got me. I also have several licensing conversations in the works. Super positive potential and more hard work to complete. I am following up with everything and everyone as that is part of the show. I have learned so very much, I have moved out of my comfort zone and into a new launch of me.

I am proud of myself. I worked really hard next to my hubby who supports me with wisdom and hard work too. This dream took years to make happen. This dream will continue to take big thinking and more more more dreaming even bigger. I am up for this challenge and very excited about it all.

My new website will launch very soon and my etsy shop will be loaded with goods.

I live in Galena now with my hubby and our little girl Pearl Button. We are happy, we have started to find a community of like souls who want to know us and are so so nice. Our travels in the past two years have been crazy nuts goofy and honestly the lessons I have learned and creative that I have found in myself is incredible. I am one lucky girl.

Here's to knowing how precious life is and busting down everything for dreams.


27 April 2015

what it takes to make a life long dream come true = by me

love with all my soul = Pearl Button

paint, illustrate, create more, layer more, be mindful

notice the path of my life that has me here right NOW

styling spaces = oh i love this stuff = watch out booth #1559 NYChttps://www.facebook.com/kelli.maykrenz

get published A LOT and get your artwork on the cover

be true to yourself = be raw and be seen
It has been way to long since I blogged. My days turn into nights into weeks into months lately.
I am good with that. I am grateful for that. I am so insanely blessed to be right here, right now and to really notice how very lucky I am.

Truth. I have created my own luck. I have worked seriously hard to be in this very place and time.
I have climbed a whole bunch of big scary mountains. Mountains that had winding paths of betrayal,
death, life changing illness, self doubt, anxiety, panic attacks and more self doubt. I have been an artist my entire life. I have created for fortune 500 companies for many many years. I have no real ego. Truth. I care most about loving and giving and yes, being loved back.

I thought it might be nice to share some bits of what I have done to arrive at this very space in time to get to my dream of debuting my line of ME at the National Stationary Show. I know I make it look easy as I stay positive and keep my life in good energy. I practice daily at showing up to do the really hard work. I know I am lucky to be given gifts and I am meant to share.

It took me so very many years and so much help from loves in my life to get me here.

We have sold a home I adored to be able to have money to design just for me. I let go of clients and income that I depended on to live. I have trusted in being good and giving and creating in life.

In the past two years come this May. We have sold 80 percent of everything we owned (with my darling hubby supporting and working with me to make this happen). We have moved from Minneapolis to Sarasota Florida then near the beach Siesta Key and now to Galena Illinois. I have created enough art to submit and be published in 8 magazines, continued working on my favorite clients in Minneapolis (okay, I need some income) and being mindful of having a good life, a true and loving marriage, being a good daughter, friend and showing up.

I am seeing the light of our travels to NYC on May 12th. I still have to reach the top of the mountain. Believe me I have tons of work to do to get there. I can honestly say (and I am SO hard on myself) but, I have 80 cards that I adore and other cool products for the show.

I hope that I can inspire one person to really go for your dream. No matter how big or small. We are blessed with one life (that I know of) and it matters that we show up and continue to love ourselves.

I cannot thank my hubby enough for believing in me. I really am very lucky. Love sweet love. Shine.


17 March 2015

being mindful of my path to the National Stationary Show. grateful me.

details coming together to create my booth for the nss ny 2015

card line, prints, fabrics and my love of gold

gold leaf meets Pearl Button's World of magic

oh i gush for Pearl button's

moments are all we have to cherish to love a life worth living

my muse = Pearl Button
Deep in the moments of designing, creating, planning, dreaming and building my dream.
The National Stationary Show is in New York at the Javitz center May 17, 18, 19, 20. I will be there.
My booth is in the new section (as of last year) it is juried and called Fresh. I am honored and lucky to have been chosen. Excited for this journey in my life.

I will debuting my new line of Pearl Button's World cards, prints and fabric. I am creating like a crazy person who has one thing in mind = create designs that make me smile, happy and feel good so that others will find joy in my art. I pray that my love, passion and goofy love of living translates to others in my booth. I pray that I am aware of noticing my lucky days of being here alive and healthy.

My mission statement is this.
A world that believes all great things are possible. Where happiness & silly moments matter most. Knowing that sharing and giving fills the soul with life-changing goodness. In Pearl Button's world we celebrate the precious everyday.

My wish is to be known for giving love and celebrating life. I have lived and had many hard mountains to climb. My self has been left with scars to show my strength and brave soul. This has all brought me to this very time and place where I am ready to SHINE my very brightest.

Thank you for believing in me. Thank you for following my heart here on this blog. Thank you for knowing that kindness, love and waking each day is what life is all about.

Gratefully I breathe.