18 December 2012

making a difference in the big world.

Photo by me of a piece of art in our home, quote be me. loving life by me.

Really each day it is motivating to know we are lucky to wake up and greet a brand new day.
I am so grateful to be alive, to be able to make someone feel better, to smile, to embrace who
I am. Years have granted me some internal peace and I am so very happy to be at this lovely place in my life.

I wish for joy daily. Making a difference. Not sure it is always something we even know we are
doing but, I do know this. It matters to me and that is plenty.

Inspire yourself daily. Have fun!

29 November 2012

Grateful Today = Furry Friends

my dear friend Fannie at 13+ (cousin Fannie)

our youngest Pearl Button 2.5

Clover sweet precious 13.5 yr old love

Clover at nap time
Today I am grateful for so very many things I found it hard to pick just one theme. I went with my first passion in life = DOGS. I simply get fueled daily from the raw emotion, the unconditional love, the silly happiness they bring to my life.

Last night I had the pleasure of dining with Fannie (my first love JRT) she is older, sweeter, just as lovely and gracious as ever. She is simply someone who fills me up.

Then of course our girls Clover and Pearl Button. I am thankful for another day with Clover and seeing her happy. She is such a pure soul. Nothing sweeter in the world then Clover.

Pearl Button who continues to amaze me and make me laugh in total joy. She is a love and a very old soul wrapped in her little JRT body.

Thank you for my dog furry friends. They truly are some of my very best friends on earth.

27 November 2012

Feeling Grateful = Velvet Button

I am very lucky that I get to create for a living. It has always been my passion and I can think of nothing in the world that I would rather do then be an artist. That is really good to be able to say out loud,  I like being me.

I am blessed with new clients who find me and are rich in spirit and soul. One of my new clients is Velvet Button Boutique. This new boutique is created by two long time girlfriends who have been working towards this dream. The dream is marching into reality and I am the lucky designer to be branding, designing and having a ball.

I have decided that for a bit of time I will blog daily about being grateful. Sure it is most hard to say only one thing that I am grateful for each day but, also fun to explore and write about.

I am always grateful for my friends who follow me here. Merci'

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31 October 2012

Pure Pearl Button.

Little Pearl Button resting after a long day of creating in the studio.

Pearl Buttons mom Mary. Yes, she is this beautiful and loves crowns.
Happy November 1st. Time to get the many lines of Pearl Button going strong. Believing in myself is the key to this one folks. Believe all that I know deep inside. The tiny faces of pups make me feel how true this Pearl Button life can be.

I have created over 30 Pearl Button cards and have not marketed. Hum. So starting today Pearl Button is marching forward each new day. Starting today with holiday cards. Okay just a few to start and get them out there to share joy, smiles and hopeful loving sweet messages.

Pure Pearl Button. Believing and marching forward. Thanks Mary and Cobalt for the most beautiful muse and daughter.

Here we go!


Back to blog land I am.

Well I am back into the world of blogging. Not sure how so much time passes and how it takes me around a few turns to get back to my blogging. I am thinking since tomorrow starts a new month I need to start a new me. So here I go. Not sure who I am reaching but, my intentions are this = to add positive energy out into the world, to be grateful for all of my talents and life, to create and share and hope to inspire.

Happy Halloween!!!

Here's to staying in blog land for a good long while this time.

20 August 2012

combining talents = grateful

Photo by Jessica Brogan (see link below) type + design by me

Photo by Jessica Brogan (see link below) type + design by me
I am grateful to have made a few artistic connections while taking my class Hello Soul. Hello Business. There are few things more rewarding then connecting with like souls who inspire us.

Jessica Brogan from Austin Texas is one of those talented artists I have the luck to know and muse creatively with. I have a mad love for design and type. Jessica is a brilliant photographer and artist. She emails me these amazing images and immediately I see what to design in my head. Rare and again grateful I am.

I love both of these very much. I hope they inspire, bring joy, a smile, hope to those of you seeing them.

More of Jessica Brogan found here http://www.insearchofdessert.com

More of me found here http://www.facebook.com/730Thursday

06 August 2012

3 thoughts for today

so important to fill yourself up daily

little treats are nice. like driving with the windows down.

Monday is always a great time to start fresh and new. Tidy up in my studio, organize my project list, make a new look board for happy energy. You know get grounded from the week before. I have decided to update the blog header and colors as well.

I am excited lately about the change I am feeling inside. Some of me is scared, hopeful, excited, thoughtful about how all of these changes will come together in my life. I know that most of all I need to be grateful for everything I have right now. While keeping my dreams focused on my heart and filling it up.

I have lots of sprucing, organizing, designing to do ~ off to change my world one step at a time.

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03 August 2012

Home Sweet Home For Sale on 11th of August. M

Built in 1915 the house is filled with magic, updates, and love.

New firepit by the cottage studio so pretty at night.

one shot from the porch to the back yard

lovely screened in porch off the back of our house.

front window boxes. i love details.

master bedroom, with bath. lovely light filled and so serene.

cottage 8 houses up the hill from Lake Minnetonka beach. Lovely.

Main level bath. Fresh and new.

living room to dining room to screened back porch. great flow.

living room to dining room again.
One huge factor in this dream coming true for us is selling a home I have loved and designed for the past 17 years. Oh the delight and new sense of wonder I will have to know it is sold to folks who get the lake lifestyle and love. This home has so much magic and good energy. Really just dreamy.

I say these words with a bitter sweetness about leaving. There are times in your life you just "know" it is the thing you must do. This I must do. My hubby and I have worked very hard to prepare the house and our heads to move. Now, it is mostly what I think of. Dreams coming true take lots of hard work and listening to that inner voice.

My inner voice is strong and it tells me to live by the ocean. So I will. Crossing all fingers and praying and working really hard ~ we will move.

For more information on this lovely home you can email me at www. kelli@730thurday.com

01 August 2012

daily belief. my dreams.

This lovely little quote is perfect for today. I am not there yet but, closer than yesterday. I march daily towards my dream of creating Pearl Button full time. My dreams of walking by the ocean everyday, tracking sand in the house, a white sofa with colorful pillows, ice cold white wine in a mexican handmade wine glass. Days with good friends. Simple things really.

After spending so much of my life in the home we now live in ~ it takes time to part with most things. Most of our furniture will be sold. Then of course our home, which will go on the market in days. I am sure you will be reading lots more about this in days and weeks to come. I will be crazy with pictures and sharing the journey.

Yes, my dream is alive and well as I rest my head tonight. Grateful to have dreams that can come true. Most thankful for having today.

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30 July 2012

one thing to tell yourself. daily.

So I am on a four day success (yes, that is a little start) of designing, quoting and sharing each day.

I started thinking about how important it is to fill our minds up with good stuff. No one will do this for you. Start doing it now. We all have magic talents and passions that we can give ourselves credit for. Write yours down. Be generous. I am doing this and remembering to read my good stuff daily.

I feel like the mountains I am wanting to move can and will be moved ~ I just must remember I am magic. I can create whatever I wish. On the path to this new way of self talk. I think it is wonderful.

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28 July 2012

celebrate you. adornments.

Today I have thought lots about how important it is to surround yourself with all that you love.
Use your pretty glasses everyday, wear that twirling skirt just because, remember to fly with your
spirit and never let anyone take it from you. I adore so many things ~  really I am just crazy lucky
to have this passion.

This little collage is of my sweet little dog Pearl Button who happens to have bee wings today (she and I both love bees) Lily of the Valley is my favorite flower (photo taken by me) they seemed like
the happy hat for Miss Pearl Button. The vintage blue rose represents my love for vintage textiles and flower patterns.

Play. Wake up today and find one way to just be silly, step outside of the norm and play.

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stop waiting for the right time. dream big. now

Day two of my new challenge. Today I am thinking a bunch about my dream of living by the ocean, climbing stairs to look out to the ocean and just breathe. I think it is so important to have dreams big and small and live them out as fully as you can. For me it means selling a house I have lived in for 17 years (filled with ghosts from my life) and moving out of state. It means leaving really sacred friends and meeting new friends. It represents freedom for me. A passage of the new me I have become.

I wish for everyone to feel alive enough to want to grab their dream. I have many dreams and I can honestly say that I work hard daily to make them happen. I am grateful for this ability to shake things up and not be afraid to dream big.

Todays quote by me, photo taken in Nice, France by me, vintage lady from a 1940's sewing pattern Vogue, wings by me, designed by me.

Thanks for joining me on this daily muse of mine.

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start dreaming and living it now.

Day two of my new challenge. Today I am listening to my inner voice telling me how very important it is to wake up each day grateful that we can create and move to a new dream. We are lucky to have those dreams just waiting for us to grab. For me that dream is moving to sunny Florida and walking on the beach daily, seeing the tide rush in and out, hearing the wind ~ knowing I am safe with my soul by the water. I love the water so much. I march daily towards this dream. It means selling a house I have lived in for 17 years, filled with memories and life events, friends, growing up. It means taking a big chance on finding more freelance work and clients who adore me. I am ready, I am able and I am doing it.

So important to start each day moving to a dream small or big. Just start. Grab your inner voice and listen then make a plan to start living the best you.

This graphic was created by me using the following.
• Photo of stairs I took while traveling in Nice, France.
• Wings by me.
• Vintage illustration from a 1940's Vogue pattern.
• Quote by me.

Love for life by me.

To see more creative by me go here http://www.facebook.com/730Thursday

27 July 2012

today will not happen again. live now.

Today I have started a new challenge for myself. I have always loved posting positive energy words, designs created by me. So my new challenge is this = daily I will make one original quote and graphic, the photo (if I use one) must be taken by me, the graphics created by me, the artwork by me.

Then I post and share. My mission to spread positive good energy and love for life. One sentence, one image, one smile, one day at a time.

Please join me and feel good about YOU.

more inspiration found here http://www.facebook.com/730Thursday

25 July 2012

courage on a daily dose. yes, please.

Hi, I have been missing for awhile. Life took over hard stuff and tons of deadlines in the studio. I have missed being here. I always struggle with the thought of "does anyone read or care that I am here on this blog" the answer is this "yes, I care and that is enough". I miss not blogging daily.
I love sharing thoughts, positive energy, connecting with like souls. So I am back. I am not going to care about anyone reading, looking or even commenting. I am just going to be me marching on.
Strongly, bravely, creatively and having a ball doing so.

Join me if you like. Life is all about the journey and the connecting ~ here I go.

Do one creative something today. It will change you.

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26 June 2012

marching on most positively proud

This summer has me thinking a lot about putting all good energy into words and works of creative and sharing more. I often send energy out into this big world most silently without word to anyone.
I noticed how much better my soul feels when I share positive happy good silly kind thoughts.
So here I go again.

I have always loved taking bits of things and creating something from them. I have these marvy little squares of cardboard and each day I create something lovely to send out to the world. Energy as it turns out is everything. Good solid energy, connecting with your fellow who's in the universe. Finding passions and running fast with them ~ hold them tight. They are our gifts.

Thanks for staying with me on my blog journey. Grateful I am.

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04 June 2012

anuual yard cottage sale the night before and day of

the eve before the activity begins ~ happy backyard

working hard for charm and new fresh windows of light

cottage coming along nicely

ooh how i adore flowers

why not make is like a party? more fun for all

tiny pearl enjoying her yellow and red bench

serious she is so cute it is unreal

come yard sale goodies 
Each year we pull off a big sale in May and sometimes in the fall. This year is all about the editing of our home and giving new energy to spaces. I am on a mission to edit, re style and chase a dream.

I have written a lot about dreams and making them come true. I feel it so much more each new day that it is simply a must for me.

The yard sale was the big kick off for a new start to move forward towards chasing this dream. I am blessed with the ability to make things look pretty and it helps everyday seem more special and rare.

Try to make today stylish and special just for you. It really makes all of the difference in the world.

Moons of thanks to the yard sale angels that watched over.

Photos taken by Carole Grinde (friend and spirit leader)

21 May 2012

thought for today

design, illustration, quirky, ever so fun!

Remembering this morning on this fine shiny sunny today that I love illustration. In my busy world of creating and designing I get so focused on doing. I need to take time to just draw. After all it all started when I was a little girl just drawing and drawing and drawing. Okay, maybe I did build a mad Barbie pad complete with custom bedding.

I am going to start today just drawing one thing each day. Secretly in a journal for no one else to see. I think there is a great freedom in knowing it is not for a client and not to be judged. I bet this is going to be so good for my soul.

All good things for one's soul. Try one thing you have been wanting to do TODAY!!! Yes, do not wait.

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19 May 2012

crazy for pops of color

gentle teal with mocha = Pearl Button would adore this

this is something i would never tire of = textures, patterns, colors mixed all yummy.


Searching around on one of my new favorite sites Fab.com (see link below) made me notice how i am just hungry for pops of color in my world. I have found lately that I am creating projects for myself that focus on a pop of hidden color.

I have taken this new love to our back yard. Ooh the simple joy I am having cutting, moving, building, ripping out and replacing with odd findings and pops of color. Really the yard has never looked more alive. I am very tired but, so nutty inspired to keep the pops a comin' that I cannot stop.
I keep thinking and coming up with more plans ~ that must be done.

I am realizing that it is always best to look inside ourselves and find what is missing on any given day. For me right now in my life it is pops of joy, unexpected nice little tweaks that make all the difference in the world.

I am back. Feeling ever so poppie!

http://fab.com/inspiration/ this is just a wonderful site to shop, dream, inspire ~ do take a peek.

15 May 2012

adoring color

one of my most favorite flowers with a hosta leaf or 5

i just love the chartreuse with reds and greens

my window box i adore 
Color just breathes life into everything. It seems to have it's own sense of magic. Really, looking at color can just put you in a better mood. I simply love being able to scatter colors around the yard this time of year. Seems everything sets off better with the blue sky, green grass and nature.

I would love to make time to just create paintings of color, color and more color. I am noticing even my clothing is starting to inch into a bit more color (okay, at least my accessories are) Hard to get over the blacks in the wardrobe.

I think I am going to try and come up with some clever ideas to add color outside my home. I will make sure to post and chat about the fun I come up with.

Add one dash of color into something you do today. I promise it makes you smile.