30 July 2012

one thing to tell yourself. daily.

So I am on a four day success (yes, that is a little start) of designing, quoting and sharing each day.

I started thinking about how important it is to fill our minds up with good stuff. No one will do this for you. Start doing it now. We all have magic talents and passions that we can give ourselves credit for. Write yours down. Be generous. I am doing this and remembering to read my good stuff daily.

I feel like the mountains I am wanting to move can and will be moved ~ I just must remember I am magic. I can create whatever I wish. On the path to this new way of self talk. I think it is wonderful.

More creative by me found here http://www.facebook.com/730Thursday

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for this reminder - I am in a little bout of self-doubt right now and I need to practice more positive thinking and talking to myself if I'm going to get out of this slump.

    Thank you for your pretty and positive messages!