01 August 2012

daily belief. my dreams.

This lovely little quote is perfect for today. I am not there yet but, closer than yesterday. I march daily towards my dream of creating Pearl Button full time. My dreams of walking by the ocean everyday, tracking sand in the house, a white sofa with colorful pillows, ice cold white wine in a mexican handmade wine glass. Days with good friends. Simple things really.

After spending so much of my life in the home we now live in ~ it takes time to part with most things. Most of our furniture will be sold. Then of course our home, which will go on the market in days. I am sure you will be reading lots more about this in days and weeks to come. I will be crazy with pictures and sharing the journey.

Yes, my dream is alive and well as I rest my head tonight. Grateful to have dreams that can come true. Most thankful for having today.

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1 comment:

  1. Kelli,

    I like your blog. It is fun to follow your journey. Following your dreams, that is wonderful!

    Good luck on the way. It wasn't easy for Dorothy to get to Oz, but she got there!