06 August 2012

3 thoughts for today

so important to fill yourself up daily

little treats are nice. like driving with the windows down.

Monday is always a great time to start fresh and new. Tidy up in my studio, organize my project list, make a new look board for happy energy. You know get grounded from the week before. I have decided to update the blog header and colors as well.

I am excited lately about the change I am feeling inside. Some of me is scared, hopeful, excited, thoughtful about how all of these changes will come together in my life. I know that most of all I need to be grateful for everything I have right now. While keeping my dreams focused on my heart and filling it up.

I have lots of sprucing, organizing, designing to do ~ off to change my world one step at a time.

More inspiration and happy by me found here http://www.facebook.com/730Thursday

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