30 August 2016

Staying safe in what I know.

I have been through lots of big hard things in my life. We all have I know this. I have been blessed with great miracles = one of the biggest is my life. I am beyond grateful to wake up each and everyday.

So much heavy big stuff in my life of late. Balancing the emotional makings of life with a creative business is always interesting to me. I often try looking above my life as if part of me is sitting in a tree looking down on me. I wonder what really counts this moment and what can be shifted aside.
I listen to my heart (it always knows) It is in the practicing of listening and hearing that days are filled with more then just trying.

I have noticed that I tend to create what I need. If I need to be extra strong I create warriors, wise beings with antlers and adorned bodies. I am seeing myself in all that I have been creating lately. The stories that these pieces are telling me and then watching them come to life.

I have so much to learn yet, I feel like I know a whole big bunch too. I want to share more, give more and seek more like souls to surround me.

I know that I will continue to climb the biggest mountains and be grateful while I do.
I hope to be a blessing to those of you who follow me.