25 July 2012

courage on a daily dose. yes, please.

Hi, I have been missing for awhile. Life took over hard stuff and tons of deadlines in the studio. I have missed being here. I always struggle with the thought of "does anyone read or care that I am here on this blog" the answer is this "yes, I care and that is enough". I miss not blogging daily.
I love sharing thoughts, positive energy, connecting with like souls. So I am back. I am not going to care about anyone reading, looking or even commenting. I am just going to be me marching on.
Strongly, bravely, creatively and having a ball doing so.

Join me if you like. Life is all about the journey and the connecting ~ here I go.

Do one creative something today. It will change you.

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  1. Just wanted to let you know that I care that you are here, I love your honesty and your art. I think I will adopt your " I don't care if anyone comments" attitude to my own blog - i'll just write what I want be it "arty" or not.
    I'm off to paint something now, enjoy your day!

    1. Felicia. Thank you. You are darling to share your thoughts with me. I think this attitude can work for both of us. Let's fill up our souls and share ~ it is good energy and fun too. I must see your paintings. All goodness and sunshine to you my blog friend. Merci'