28 July 2012

stop waiting for the right time. dream big. now

Day two of my new challenge. Today I am thinking a bunch about my dream of living by the ocean, climbing stairs to look out to the ocean and just breathe. I think it is so important to have dreams big and small and live them out as fully as you can. For me it means selling a house I have lived in for 17 years (filled with ghosts from my life) and moving out of state. It means leaving really sacred friends and meeting new friends. It represents freedom for me. A passage of the new me I have become.

I wish for everyone to feel alive enough to want to grab their dream. I have many dreams and I can honestly say that I work hard daily to make them happen. I am grateful for this ability to shake things up and not be afraid to dream big.

Todays quote by me, photo taken in Nice, France by me, vintage lady from a 1940's sewing pattern Vogue, wings by me, designed by me.

Thanks for joining me on this daily muse of mine.

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