27 July 2012

today will not happen again. live now.

Today I have started a new challenge for myself. I have always loved posting positive energy words, designs created by me. So my new challenge is this = daily I will make one original quote and graphic, the photo (if I use one) must be taken by me, the graphics created by me, the artwork by me.

Then I post and share. My mission to spread positive good energy and love for life. One sentence, one image, one smile, one day at a time.

Please join me and feel good about YOU.

more inspiration found here http://www.facebook.com/730Thursday


  1. Love this Kelli...I see a book here. Do not stop. You are onto something!


    1. Wow thanks Colleen coming from you I am flattered and most happy. Blushing from your kindness. xoxo Kelli