28 July 2012

start dreaming and living it now.

Day two of my new challenge. Today I am listening to my inner voice telling me how very important it is to wake up each day grateful that we can create and move to a new dream. We are lucky to have those dreams just waiting for us to grab. For me that dream is moving to sunny Florida and walking on the beach daily, seeing the tide rush in and out, hearing the wind ~ knowing I am safe with my soul by the water. I love the water so much. I march daily towards this dream. It means selling a house I have lived in for 17 years, filled with memories and life events, friends, growing up. It means taking a big chance on finding more freelance work and clients who adore me. I am ready, I am able and I am doing it.

So important to start each day moving to a dream small or big. Just start. Grab your inner voice and listen then make a plan to start living the best you.

This graphic was created by me using the following.
• Photo of stairs I took while traveling in Nice, France.
• Wings by me.
• Vintage illustration from a 1940's Vogue pattern.
• Quote by me.

Love for life by me.

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