19 May 2012

crazy for pops of color

gentle teal with mocha = Pearl Button would adore this

this is something i would never tire of = textures, patterns, colors mixed all yummy.


Searching around on one of my new favorite sites Fab.com (see link below) made me notice how i am just hungry for pops of color in my world. I have found lately that I am creating projects for myself that focus on a pop of hidden color.

I have taken this new love to our back yard. Ooh the simple joy I am having cutting, moving, building, ripping out and replacing with odd findings and pops of color. Really the yard has never looked more alive. I am very tired but, so nutty inspired to keep the pops a comin' that I cannot stop.
I keep thinking and coming up with more plans ~ that must be done.

I am realizing that it is always best to look inside ourselves and find what is missing on any given day. For me right now in my life it is pops of joy, unexpected nice little tweaks that make all the difference in the world.

I am back. Feeling ever so poppie!

http://fab.com/inspiration/ this is just a wonderful site to shop, dream, inspire ~ do take a peek.

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