12 May 2012

happy mothers day = mom.

oh how i loved ballet

i still twirl my hair. no thumb sucking though.
Today is all about mothers day. I am an only child and I can tell you this ~ I am most grateful for my life. Thanks Mom. I have always been cherished and loved and taken care of. Funny as we get older we appreciate different things about our childhood. I am very very lucky.

I have never had the fortune of having a child. I have had dogs ~ yes, I know they are not kids but, to me they are.

To live each moment knowing you have someone who treasures you and cares for you all of the time ~ yes, that is what I have been blessed with from both of my parents.

My mom has always been strong, pretty, talented, wise, fun, funny, interesting, giving and so very very sweet. I hope that if someone were to describe me I would be lucky enough to have a few of these kind words said.

I love you to the moon and back Mom.  Thanks for being you.

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