15 May 2012

adoring color

one of my most favorite flowers with a hosta leaf or 5

i just love the chartreuse with reds and greens

my window box i adore 
Color just breathes life into everything. It seems to have it's own sense of magic. Really, looking at color can just put you in a better mood. I simply love being able to scatter colors around the yard this time of year. Seems everything sets off better with the blue sky, green grass and nature.

I would love to make time to just create paintings of color, color and more color. I am noticing even my clothing is starting to inch into a bit more color (okay, at least my accessories are) Hard to get over the blacks in the wardrobe.

I think I am going to try and come up with some clever ideas to add color outside my home. I will make sure to post and chat about the fun I come up with.

Add one dash of color into something you do today. I promise it makes you smile.

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