21 May 2012

thought for today

design, illustration, quirky, ever so fun!

Remembering this morning on this fine shiny sunny today that I love illustration. In my busy world of creating and designing I get so focused on doing. I need to take time to just draw. After all it all started when I was a little girl just drawing and drawing and drawing. Okay, maybe I did build a mad Barbie pad complete with custom bedding.

I am going to start today just drawing one thing each day. Secretly in a journal for no one else to see. I think there is a great freedom in knowing it is not for a client and not to be judged. I bet this is going to be so good for my soul.

All good things for one's soul. Try one thing you have been wanting to do TODAY!!! Yes, do not wait.

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  1. I love your idea, Kelli! You are so right about not thinking about how everyone will react to what you have drawn. It IS very freeing to do stuff you know others won't see. I spent several weeks doing that after I broke my ankle earlier this year. It changed my other work for the better, more spontaneous, free and a lighter palette. Keep up your brave work!

  2. Thanks Cindy. I love the more free comment you wrote. That would be such a gift for me. I am so based on client feedback and judging. I can only imagine the world without it. I have had tiny moments of creating just for me and I tell you I flipped I loved it so so so much. Money that is the tricky part. Brave work so nicely said. Big twirls of happy to you!!!

  3. great idea. might secretly join you!!