04 June 2012

anuual yard cottage sale the night before and day of

the eve before the activity begins ~ happy backyard

working hard for charm and new fresh windows of light

cottage coming along nicely

ooh how i adore flowers

why not make is like a party? more fun for all

tiny pearl enjoying her yellow and red bench

serious she is so cute it is unreal

come yard sale goodies 
Each year we pull off a big sale in May and sometimes in the fall. This year is all about the editing of our home and giving new energy to spaces. I am on a mission to edit, re style and chase a dream.

I have written a lot about dreams and making them come true. I feel it so much more each new day that it is simply a must for me.

The yard sale was the big kick off for a new start to move forward towards chasing this dream. I am blessed with the ability to make things look pretty and it helps everyday seem more special and rare.

Try to make today stylish and special just for you. It really makes all of the difference in the world.

Moons of thanks to the yard sale angels that watched over.

Photos taken by Carole Grinde (friend and spirit leader)


  1. Fun and charming! Yes, that doggy is so cute...love her.


  2. Kelli- It was a great sale, as usual. So charming and well styled (down to the tags). I'm happy with my goodies!

  3. Yet another occassion to wish I was State side!!
    Pearl looks very comfy there, I hope it went well for you!