19 March 2012

happy in your own skin.

i adore this quote.
Learning so much these days in my Hello Soul. Hello Business. class. Incredible the amount of soul searching going on. I cannot express enough how terrific this class is. Wow.

I have often felt that I am an odd person out when it comes to crowds. I always think a bit differently ~ most of the time keeping my ideas to myself. I am learning that expressing these ideas through my art and design is really what I have been doing my entire life. I just never looked at it that way.

This quote is just a lovely thought and so very true with me. The photo was taken of me 18 years ago. I had no idea that I was that pretty or that soulful. I am hoping that I am aware of me and all of the things in my life now. Life really does end up being about the journey and what you make of it. Finding joy and happiness and peace with who we are ~ comfort in our own skin. What a lovely idea.

Today starts another week of exploring, learning and doing. I am thrilled to be on this path.

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