03 March 2012


drive from Nice to Italy. seriously the most beautiful site I have EVER seen.

On our road trip from Nice to Paris we stopped at an ancient town. Amazing.

Yep. I would live in this town in one second.

The pop of color on the windows contrasting the stone and greens = adore big time.

I do believe life is all about your perspective. Know yourself enough to embrace your dreams and your life will be rich, happy, and at least much more fun. I am feeling very strong and lucky to know that I have been gifted so many things in life.

This trip to Europe we took on a lucky star ~ inspires me every single day to make the changes in my life that I am working on right now.

As we begin a new month. I am starting to see some of my dreams that I have been working on (for most of my life) really. Coming true.

The list marches on and I am fully ready for each event. We are talking big dreaming here and I am pushing these dreams out.

Life is so so precious and we are so lucky to get another day to dream, play, and believe in our own power. I wish for everyone reading this to really know this.

Off I go to make more dreams come true.

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