12 May 2014

A traveling blog post of sorts = starts with me

this picture of me reminds me to always have hope

knowing i can be surprised and grateful always

knowing i am so blessed and lucky = everyday

one mountain moved to live by the ocean = grateful daily me

i have crazy goofy love for dogs. they are my kiddos. Pearl Button. Oh my.
So I was asked by my dear talented friend Deb Taylor to answer these four questions and pass on
the blogging to other friends - all of us answering the same four questions.
She has inspired me in little and big ways she does not even know. Thank you Deb. http://diddebdoit.blogspot.com

So here is my list of questions to answer and pass on.
Then I will have some friends of mine do the same. Answer 4 questions and pass it on the blog wave.

I have thought a lot about what having a blog means to me. I would tell you this = it feels like a way to put good energy into the world. I am not always sure what to write or show and tell. I do know that when I sit down to create a new post something always spills out of me. I know that I am on a good path, for now that is plenty good.

Question 1. What are you currently working on? I am currently working on a line of greeting cards inspired by my love for dogs, living a grateful life, being silly, spreading kindness and joy. I am also passionate about getting published in a list of magazines I have listed on my vision board. I also want to be licensed this year with a line of products (paper, totes, wall decor) that I create. These are big dreams and I am going for them all at once. Knocking down fears one by one. Easy absolutely not but, worth it. Loving the energy I am putting into all of this mad crazy creating.

Question 2. How does your work differ from others in its genre? My work has always been full of layers that are just around. I am not a big fan of going to purchase extra special supplies to make my art happen. I use what is around me. I find that the less I worry about purchasing perfect supplies the better I do. I also almost always use vintage stuff. I love knowing papers have had a past and using them to create with. I also always start with good energy and intentions. I only want to make happy, creating from a place of love.

Question 3. Why do you write/create what you do? This is the easiest one of all. Creating for me is like breathing. It keeps me alive. Creating fills me up. Creating makes me whole. Creating is really very selfish for me = I honestly know no other way to live. I love it!!!

Question 4. How does your creating/process work? I make an outline of what my desire is to end with. If I work for a client I go through the list of needs and fill them as creatively pushed as possible. When creating for myself, I tend to feel moments in time and just paint, ink, draw, stitch, tear paper, stitch more. I have so many styles to my work - the one common piece would be layers. Much like life I am layered, my work is layered.

Now is when I post about another blog.
I am introducing a childhood friend of mine Monica Powell Pugh. I have know Monica since I was a very little girl. We grew up playing together - dolls, hide and seek, birthday parties in my pool every summer, listening to music on her parents houseboat. We attended grade school through high school together. Then we both attended Iowa State University. We both went our own ways. One thing remained a friendship. A history and love. Here is her blog - she is super talented and you will be inspired by her life and her talents. enjoy. 


  1. Nice post Kelli! And I enjoyed your friend's blog too.

  2. Great post Kelli...I love how much your life is motivated by gratitude and how beautifully you remind others to be grateful...not by your words but by who you are...and I also love that you use what's around you to create...I need to learn from you...oh, too late...I already have an entire craft store in my garage...so cool that you stayed in touch with Monica...I've stayed in touch with my childhood friends...it's a gift...our friendships and connections weave us whole...love you xoxoxox

  3. Thank you for featuring me here today. But the greatest highlight is YOU ! You shine, you glow, you create, you go. I am thrilled to call you my friend...and knowing we will be together for always! Learning more and more about you is delightful...thank you for opening up and riding the wave with me !! xoxo